Wednesday, 19 November 2014

christmas wishlist | beauty edition

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Can you tell I got slightly carried away whilst putting this wish list together? Now that Christmas preparation is well & truly in full swing I couldn't help but compile a post dedicated to all the beauty items I'd love to see under my Christmas Tree this year! Firstly, lets all just take a moment to appreciate how cute the Deer makeup bag is... I NEED it! I've kinda gone down the theme of bath & body care with a bit of skincare & a fragrance thrown in their too, makeup clearly never really crossed my mind when I was thinking up all the items that have been on my mind recently.. in fact I'm in a bit of a rut with my makeup at the moment & I think I just need to go back to my old favourites & get my skin happy again. The one gift set that crops up year after year is the huge Soap & Glory one that usually retails around the £60 price tag, however Boots tend to offer these as their Star Buys a few weeks before Christmas & drop the price to about £25! I'm hoping they stick to this tradition & do the same this year, I'm running worryingly low on S&G products now so it would be perfect timing!
Whats on your Christmas list this year?

L x 

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

pug life #9

These two were like each others shadows the whole weekend, it was the cutest thing ever & definitely convinced us that we need to get Tilly a little sister! Ellie has now welcomed baby Darcie Pug into her life, we can't wait to meet her soon hopefully (:
"Stay away from my toy Tilly!!"
 "No, I not sharing it Tilly!"
 Grumpy pug after playing chase all morning with Ellie!
 & then they both crashed...
 But not for long!
 Then it was time to go see all our other pug friends at the meet up...
 But Tilly realised she had overdone it & sat at the side observing for most of it!
 Look at that grumpy face...
 The next day was the Pug-O-Ween party, Ellie has got to be the cutest skeleton ever!
 Look at her adorable baby face awww
 I never realised how hard it was to get a photograph of two Pugs together until that weekend, haha!
 We managed to get some good ones eventually though!
 Power nap before the party!
Super squishy face!
All of us in the dog friendly pub (:

A few weekends ago Dom, Tilly & myself headed down South for the weekend to visit our friends & attend a Pug meet up & Pug-O-Ween party! We used to live down in Milton Keynes, it's only recently we have moved back to be closer to our family & Dom landed himself a pretty good job but since moving back we really missed all our pug friends so a pug filled weekend happened! We stayed with Dan, Jemma & their beautiful little Pug Ellie for the weekend & it was honestly the nicest weekend, we had so much fun & even got to take the Pugs to a Dog friendly restaurant before setting off on the 4 hour journey back up North! I know lots of you enjoy my Tilly Pug posts so I couldn't resist sharing a few photos from the weekend, hope you like! 

Also, Tilly appeared on YouTube click here to see her in one of Dan's vlogs (:

L x

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

lush blogger event

 Butterbear bath bombs have got to be the cutest bath product ever!
 The brightest, most colourful bath bomb... luxury lush pud!
& here is what it looks like after it's all fizzed away!
 Snow Fairy, my all time favourite shower gel!
 Making bath bombs, so much fun (:
 Fresh facemasks, one of my faves is Oatifix!
 How cute is this lil guy! Dani modelled this adorable Snowman from the Fun Snowman kit, this would be the perfect stocking filler for someone creative! It can be used as a bubble bar, a soap & even a shampoo!
 Bath bomb heaven... *lots of heart eyed emojis*
 Sparkly Snow Fairy massage bar, love this!
The most adorable selection of bath treats put together to form the 'Festive Friends' gift box!
On Sunday I headed over to my local Lush store in Preston for a little event I helped to organise! Lush is probably one of my favourite stores to browse in & now that the Christmas range has been released I find myself popping in even more! The evening consisted of having a browse, asking lots of questions about their products, having a skincare consultation & even making our own Cinders bath bomb to take home! Being able to have free roam of the entire shop, trying out any products that took our fancy & being provided with little samples to take home with us, along with being treated to yummy snacks such as mini oreos was the perfect set up for a blogger event! There was also a chance to do some Christmas shopping so I took the opportunity to pick up a few more treats! My room literally smells like a Lush shop right now, I've so many bath products to try out, I'll be posting a Christmas Lush haul soon! (I did film a lush haul & upload it to YouTube a while ago but I'm not sure if I should publish it... do I, don't I!? Anyway, I had such a lovely evening, huge thanks to Dani for hosting the event for us! (:
Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range?
L x

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

makeup revolution the one blush sticks

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Makeup Revolution The One Blush Sticks* - £5.00
As I mentioned in my 'New Beauty Bits' post last week, Makeup Revolution have released a new range of blushers which I've been testing out & it's now time to share my findings! The collection consists of eight shades in two different shades matte & bold and the packaging is even designed to reflect the finish of the product... so matte black plastic packaging for all four matte shades & black shiny plastic packaging for the four shimmer/bold shades. They're multi-use too, meaning they aren't just to be applied to your cheeks but work as a lip product as well! 
The Matte swatches from left to right are: Matte Dream, Matte Pink, Matte Rush & Matte Malibu.
Matte Dream is a very pale pink whilst Matte Pink is a Barbie kinda pink shade with cool blue undertones. Matte Rush is a bright coral colour & Matte Malibu is a warm brown/terracotta shade. Malibu is probably the shade that is the most unwearable for me, as it appears quite muddy on my pale complexion but it would work well on darker skin tones. Matte Dream & Pink are both really pretty shades, with Dream being perfect if you're wanting a little flush of colour/highlight & Pink if you want a pop of colour on your cheeks. Rush, although it looks really bold when swatched is a really flattering blush colour & is also the only colour I'd actually wear on my lips. Whilst all of the colours could be worn on the lips they aren't really my cup of tea when it comes to lipstick shades but I've been wearing more coral/orange/peach tones on my lips since discovering they suit me! Even though these are a matte formula they still have a creamy consistency & apply really smoothly using either a stippling brush or a blusher brush for a less intense look.

Swatches from left to right are: Dream, Pink, Rush & Malibu. (Sorry I really struggled to get Dream to show up well on these photos!)
Dream is definitely a highlighter shade, with it's pearly shimmer finish it sits well on the brow or cheek bone. Pink is a blue toned pink but isn't as pigmented as it's matte sister, meaning it is more wearable. My favourite shade from the whole bunch is Rush, being rose gold I loved it instantly anyway & it reminded me of one of my favourite blushers 'Sleek - Rose Gold' which in turn is a dupe of the famous 'Nars - Orgasm'. Whilst I was doing research for this post I discovered that these blush sticks are actually pretty good dupes for the Nars Multiples & in fact Rush is pretty much identical to the Orgasm shade again.  I know I'd rather be paying £5 instead of £30 any way! Again, Malibu is no good for my pale skin but for tanned or darker skin tones I can see it being a great contour product. This formula is really creamy, soft & again applies well with either a stippling or blusher brush depending on what kind of look you what to go for. 

I think these little blush sticks are absolute bargains, especially when you compare them to the Nars Multiples. Priced at only £5 for a push up 2-in-1 blush/lip product combo they're the perfect makeup item to pop in your handbag too! With two formulas and eight shades to choose from their is definitely something for everyone! If you haven't already then I'd highly recommend heading over to your local Superdrug to check out the Makeup Revolution stand, they're becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands with so many incredible products at really affordable prices.

Which is your favourite shade?

L x

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