Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Favourites

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Is anyone else really excited now that September has rolled around it's officially Autumn, or is that just me!? I love how cozy Autumn/Winter is, I'm not a Summer person at all really, give me blankets, candles & hot chocolates over bikinis & ice lollies any day! 

So what beauty products did I love the most during August?

First up is Zoella's Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel, I like the light fragrance & the pretty pink pearlescent formula, plus it leaves me feeling squeaky clean. I also LOVE the Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub but silly me forgot to grab that out of the shower for these photographs. 

Washi Tape is another favourite of mine, I've been using it to hold up artwork until I get round to buying frames but I think I'll end up keeping some of them taped to the wall. These 3 are a little set from Oliver Bonas, a shop that I am obsessed with if you didn't already know that! 

I get very dry skin around my nails so I've been making more of a conscious effort to give them a bit of TLC by using Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. It smells absolutely divine, like Sherbet Lemon sweeties, the scent hangs around for ages too! It has really helped to soften up my cuticles & dry skin, I'm no longer ashamed of the state of my nails. 

I recently had blonde put through my hair which has since turned quite brassy which I was really unhappy with until I remembered I used to use Purple Shampoo when I had my hair ombre'd a few years ago! PROVOKE Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo has lifted the brassy, harsh tones from my hair & brightened up the colour. It's so cheap too, you can't really go wrong - although I have heard if you leave it on too long or use it regularly you can end up with purple hair but thats never happened to me! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade is my latest makeup obsession, it's finally helped me to achieve eyebrows I'm happy with & thats a big deal for me! I suffer from wonky eyebrows & I know they say eyebrows are 'Sisters not Twins' but I feel like mine are noticeably uneven & that makes me really self conscious. I have the shade Medium Brown which is a perfect match for me, all I do is load my MAC 266 with a small amount of product & apply gentle strokes throughout my brows. They look so much more natural, I'm not really a fan of the bold, overdrawn brows anymore, it just doesn't suit me! 

My last favourite is the L'Oreal True Match Concealer in the shade Vanilla, I happened to pick this up on a whim as my local Boots was out of stock of Collection's Lasting Perfection! When I went to use it my heart sank a little as it looked too dark but I tried it anyway & it is orangey on my skin tone but it's really good at hiding the blue tones I have around my eyes. It blends in easily & you can't tell it's the wrong shade for me once I go over it with my foundation brush! 

Thats it for my August Favourites, what are yours!?

L x

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A Homeware Wishlist

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At the moment we are swamped with DIY so I haven't been buying nice things like cushions, candles & copper accessories, instead we have been spending our money on boring but important things like an alarm system for the house & metal paint to restore our cast iron fireplace with... I have to admit it is pretty fun seeing our house transforming into a home & I find it really satisfying seeing the rooms coming together. We still haven't got anywhere near as much done as I had hoped we would have by now but August was a busy month with a Christening & Engagement party to attend plus we did a 500 mile round trip to collect Lulu Pug & I've been working loads of overtime it's just been non stop! The main project we have at the moment is finishing all the gloss work in both the living & dining areas, plus finish painting the dining room walls, & then finally getting the TV mounted onto the wall. Our to do list is never ending but I love what we have achieved so far & I can't wait to be able to photograph rooms once they are finished to share with you all!

I've given myself a little (big) goal of getting the living & dining areas pretty much complete by the end of October so that we can throw a housewarming party before it's too late! Looking at interior inspiration on Pinterest & window shopping online has made me feel motivated to try & achieve it. I really want to get original style cupboards & shelving built into the alcoves in the living room (see here!) so I need to get some quotes for that & I really need to decide on a coffee table, plus some little end tables to go next to the sofa. I'm also tempted to pick up two more Eames style chairs for our dining table, we currently have four white ones but I'm thinking of getting a couple in teal to add some colour to the room. 

Whats your favourite item on my wishlist?
L x

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Friday, 28 August 2015

LUSH Oxford Street Haul

The one place I knew I wanted to visit when I was in London was the new LUSH store that opened on Oxford Street in April. I'd heard all about the exclusive products that weren't stocked in any other store & really wanted to see them for myself so I hunted it down!

I'll just warn you incase you're planning on visiting, it was extremely busy, I actually felt really overwhelmed with how crowded it was & usually I'm not phased by London's busy shops and streets but it really got to me that day. I was determined not to let the claustrophobia feeling ruin my shopping plans so I powered through & wandered around the store. I did go back the following day however & it was a lot quieter so perhaps I picked the wrong time of day to visit!
I decided I would start on the top floor as that was were the bath products were located & nothing beats looking at the colourful array of bath bombs, melts & bubble bars. Something exclusive to the Oxford Street Flagship Store are the Luxury Bath Oils which melt in the bath water making it feel luxuriously soft and buttery, perfect for soaking in and giving your skin a real treat. I chose the one called Double Vitality (£2.00), star shaped & bright pink it's one of the cuter bath oils available! It contains peppermint & lemon, giving it a really zingy fresh fragrance. Whilst I was up on the third floor I also picked up the Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£3.75) which is actually available online now too. Unfortunately the bath oil residue found its way onto this little milk bottle so it's sporting some pinky-orange patches! Obviously this one smells really milky with a hint of Orange oil & the silver bottle cap is packed with cocoa butter to add an extra bit of softness. I love that the scent isn't overpowering & the touch of silver lustre that is added to the bath is pretty!
I then headed downstairs as I wanted to get a bottle of The Comforter Moisturising Shower Cream however they didn't have any left so had to settle for just the Comforter Shower Cream (£4.75) version. All the LUSH Shower Gels I've tried have always been really moisturising anyway so I didn't mind too much! This is the one product that seems to be the most popular, everyone seems to love it. It's described as a "snug berry hug" & it is exactly that, the warm, fruity & uplifting fragrance provides a 'comforting' aroma as you shower. If you like the Comforter Bubble Bar you need to get this, it's been spotted in other stores so i'm assuming this is going to be readily available everywhere! I then noticed the Shampoo Bars, which I know are stocked in all stores but I've never tried one & when I saw the peach coloured one covered in glitter I couldn't resist getting it! The Lullaby Shampoo Bar (£5.75) is one to use at night before bedtime as the combination of Chamomile, Ground Almonds, Oat Milk, Neroli Oil & Lavender soothe the scalp, raise your spirits whilst also relaxing you. I've been suffering with a sore scalp recently so I'm hoping this is going to help. 

The final item I bought was the Cup O'Coffee Exfoliating Face & Body Mask (£.6.50), if you know me you know I love Coffee so I didn't even give this a second thought! I had actually gone downstairs to the basement where the Spa can be found as well as candles, massage bars & perfumes where I got chatting to one of the friendliest members of staff. Her product knowledge was amazing & she took me back upstairs to introduce me to the Coffee Exfoliator, she treated me to a hand massage before helping me locate a tub & ensuring I was happy with my visit. This Coffee infused mask helps to waken up your skin, making it look brighter & clear but also leaves the scent of Coffee on your skin hours after using it. I actually think this product was made for me haha!  

Have you been to the LUSH Oxford Street Store?

L x

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

July 2015 Degustabox

Degustabox* is a monthly surprise food box that contains between 9-14 items that are completely new to the market. It's an alternative option from your usual beauty subscription box & if you like to try out different food & drink then this may be the box for you!

This months my box was filled with 10 different items, I opened it with Dom as he was also excited to see what was inside! His eyes instantly lit up when he saw the Tasty Little Numbers Chicken Tikka Masala, he loves a good curry! The first thing I noticed was the bottle of Lambrini, which instantly brought back memories from my teenage years when I would drink it at house parties during the Summer. I'm gonna save this bottle for our housewarming party, I'm looking forward to trying the So Strawberry flavour though, Strawberry alcoholic drinks are one of my favourites!

I often skip breakfast because I prefer an extra 10 minutes in bed, which then results in a mad rush to get ready for work so Weetabix On the Go is perfect for me! I always find Weetabix to be really filling & keeps me going until lunchtime, hopefully I'll be having breakfast more often now I've found a quick & yummy way to have it! Breakfast in a bottle, what a genius idea! Another amazing idea is the Taking the Pea crunchy flavoured peas. I received the Smoked Ham ones, they were so moreish & tasty, I think these are gonna be my new addiction! Dom & I were genuinely sad when we got to the bottom of the packet they are so so good! I'm not sure I'd like the other flavours in the range, but pea & ham soup is the best & these taste just like that! 

More yummy snacks included in my box were the Say Yes to No Sour Cream & Onion Toasted Bread Chips and the two packets of Fru Snax. The Toasted Bread chips are a delicious & healthy alternative to a packet of crisps. Say Yes to No promise that their bread chips contain no fake colourings & artificial flavours, they're a natural & healthy snack but are still full of flavour & have a good crunch to them too! Fru Snax are pieces of fruit & yoghurt that have been frozen & had the water evaporated to lock in the flavour. I've only tried the Strawberry Slices & Raspberry Yoghurt Melt ones so far but they are seriously fruity & flavoursome. I never eat enough fruit so eating these made me feel healthy!

As well as the alcoholic drink I also received 3 non-alcoholic drinks to try, two flavours of Little Miracles and a bottle of Newton's Appl Fizzics. Little Miracles are a blend of organic tea, juice & ginseng. I got the Lemongrass Tea, Orange & Ginseng and the Green Tea & Pomegranate flavours, I really enjoyed the Green Tea one & liked it even more knowing that it was good for me. Appl Fizzics (I love the name!) is apple juice and sparkling water mixed together to create refreshing soft drink. Served chilled it makes an ideal drink for a hot Summer's day!  

Have you tried Degustabox before?

L x

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