Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Pond's Institute Skincare Giveaway

You might remember way back in August I featured a few bits from Pond's Skincare, the Cold Cream Cleanser & the Eye Contour Cream. Well now I'm giving one of my reader's the opportunity to win themselves a selection of skincare products from the Pond's Institute range, plus a really cute & exclusive Lily Lilybet washbag that I stupidly forgot to include in the photos! 

Cold Cream Cleanser - This cleanser is one I reach for most evenings, it's gentle yet really effective at removing the days makeup & giving my skin a good clean. It's also really affordable & a small pot lasts absolutely ages!

Hydro Nourishing Cream - A moisturiser containing Hydro-elastine and Vitamin-E to ensure moisturised, nourished & left looking radiant. 

Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream - I've not actually used this product yet, although skincare gurus say it's never too early to start using anti-wrinkle products so perhaps I'll have to give it a go! The White Tea Extract, Vitamin B3 & the UV Protection all work together to increase skin's natural protection against leading causes of ageing, they also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and improve the skins overall texture.

Triple Action Moisturiser - Again, this is another product I've not tried however this is aimed at mature skin so I'll probably pass this on to my Mum. The Triple Action is intended to keep the skin looking youthful by reducing wrinkles, age spots & make the skin appear firmer.

Eye Contour Cream - My favourite product from the range, I don't go a day without applying it both morning & night! It soothes & softens the skin around my eyes as it feels like velvet & contains lots of essential nutrients to help protect the skin.

Makeup Artist Arabella Preston has created a video showing you how to achieve a party look, using Pond's skincare to ensure your skin is prepped before applying makeup. Have a watch & let me know what you think!
What you can win:
1x 50ml Pond's Institute Cold Cream 50ml
1x 50ml Pond's Institute Hydro Nourishing Cream
1x 50ml Pond's Institute Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream
1x 50ml Pond's Institute Triple Action Moisturiser
1x 15ml Pond's Institute Eye Contour Cream
1x Lucy Lilybet Washbag

The giveaway will run for 10 days from 20th January 2015 until 30th January 2015 & is open to UK entrants only, sorry!
Good luck (:

L x

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Sunday: Poptarts Anonymous?

Sundays are a day of rest right? Unfortunately not for me *insert stressed looking emoji face*, today has been all about coursework, coursework & MORE coursework. I needed a break, so logged onto blogger to de-stress for a short while before it's back to my uni to-do list. Anyone else have lists of lists? Anyway, even typing about uni makes me want to curl up in a ball under my duvet cover & pretend it doesn't exist so lets change the subject! 
The day started off pretty well with a breakfast of Cookie Dough flavoured Poptarts, they are definitely my favourite so far & I've tried a lot! Dom actually found them in Tesco, I love Tesco, even more so since they started stocking American food. We used to splurge on overpriced Poptarts in Selfridges until we realised Tesco stocked them, but they only used to sell the Strawberry & Chocolate ones. I also love the Confetti Cupcake & Smores ones, seriously I could live of Poptarts & never get fed up of them, I think I need to go to Poptarts Anonymous haha.. 
I also got my blog redesigned this week, I'm still gonna tweak it by adding some colour & a few other features but bare with me as I probably won't get round to doing that until next year, because y'know... I just never seem to get round to editing my blog very often. I really want to get a header designed, I want it to include Tilly pug but not sure what else. I love minimal themes but then I also really love the more creative ones with little graphics that relate to your hobbies/interests, in my case pugs, poptarts & did I mention pugs? (lol) But yeah if anyone can recommend a graphic designer to me that would be cool (:
L x

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

wednesday wishlist #29

Topshop Knitted Tweedy Stitch Kimono Cardigan - £42.00
Petite Satin Back Overlay Dress - £48
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - £22.00
Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush - £8.00
ASOS Clear Box Clutch with Winking Eyes - £30.00
Olivia Burton Wonderland Mink & Rose Gold Watch - £65.00
Topshop Swiftheart Slippers - £26.00
Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream 60ml - £26.99

The first Wishlist of 2015, we've celebrated Christmas & I've also just celebrated my Birthday however I've got some Birthday money left over & a couple of Topshop vouchers to spend so here is what I might treat myself to! I'm really tempted to order myself an Olivia Burton watch, as much as I love my Michael Kors one I'd prefer to have a more simple & classic looking one for every day. 

Beauty bits & pieces I'm after are Nars Creamy Concealer and the Soap & Glory Archery Brow Pencil which I can confirm is FINALLY back in stock on the Boots website in the shade 'Hot Chocolate'. I can't actually tell you how many times I've tried to add that to the basket to be told it's out of stock & god knows how many actual Boots I've been in to check the S&G stand! The latest skincare item I'm after is a good quality moisturiser, I'm trying to 'invest' more into my skin atm as it's playing havoc & not looking it's best so I'm keen to add some new things in to my routine to ensure I'm looking after my skin! The Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream seems to be one a lot of people love, that or the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser? I can't decide which one to opt for, let me know if you've tried either please! 

As well as all those nice luxury items I actually really need a whole load of basic tops. I seem to be rotating the same three tops at the moment, I'm definitely not one of those girls who only wears things once thats for sure! I'm just so fussy when it comes to clothes, I worry that they won't suit me or I'll umm & ahh over spending a certain amount on something & then when I finally decide I'll buy it, suddenly it's out of stock everywhere. It's got to the stage now were I don't really have much choice but to part with my pennies & re-vamp my wardrobe! Surprisingly I didn't actually find many tops I like but I did find the dress & knitted cardi which I think could work well together with some black chelsea boots & a floppy hat. I was actually on the hunt for a practical black bag that I can use to carry my MacBook in but that search was forgotten about quickly when I saw the Winking Eyes Clear Box Clutch, it's so impractical but I really want it! It also seems like the Swiftheart Slippers are going to be the new blogger shoes that everyone has, but really I'm not surprised because they can be worn with so many different styles... cute or classic & they're a reasonable price too!

Whats currently on your wish list?

L x

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Monday, 12 January 2015

blogging thoughts

I've been typing this post since November, adding to it along the way, it's a bit of a word vomit really with a few of my thoughts being shared but I kinda want to get it all off my mind & get my blog to a point I'm happy with is. I guess it could fall into the blogging resolutions category as I've set myself some goals to keep in mind throughout the year.
For a long time I've felt unhappy with my blog, resulting in a lack of posts & a loss of motivation to actually get involved with blogging & the community. One of the main reasons I'm not my blogs biggest fan at the moment (& I believe I totally should be, gotta believe in yourself & all that!) is my photography. The quality just isn't there, the lighting is annoying me & I could spend hours setting up all the products & props, playing around with different compositions & still hating everything I produced at the end of the photo taking session. As you might have seen in my 'What I got for Christmas' post Dom bought me a Canon 700d so I've now got the opportunity to improve my photography & hopefully create content I'm happy with. I've got a lot to learn but it's something I've wanted to get to grips with for a long time. I've always had an interest in Photography from studying Art & Textiles for years before going down the more 'academic' route at University where I seemed to lose track of what I loved doing the most whilst focusing on my studies. I always wanted to keep my creativity as a hobby rather than pursue it as a career, basically I didn't want studying to ruin what I considered as a pastime. What I'm trying to say is, now I've got the Camera I've always wanted I feel excited to start learning & developing my skills more than ever. If anyone has any photography tips & tricks they'd like to share with me, drop your links in the comments or send me an email I'd love to learn from my readers! 
The actual content I share here on loulabeth will hopefully become more varied, especially as we move into our own place again (still not found anything though(!!) if anybody cares!) I want to blog more about home interiors, baking, travelling and fashion yet still keep the beauty posts regular too! I've also got a little series planned featuring Tilly Pug, I can't wait to share it soon but one thing is for sure, Tilly will be having her own section of the blog & I'm so excited about this... if I'm not already considered a crazy Pug lady by now, I certainly will be when these posts go live haha. I'm also still trying to decide whether to pursue YouTube & really have a go at it this year. It's a terrifying idea but I've made a few videos & I had so much fun & I did tell myself that 2015 would be the year of doing more of what makes me happy!

Alongside improving my content I want to improve the design & general look of my blog. It's going to be a work in progress for a while probably as I've loads of ideas & I want to ensure it's exactly how I imagine it & be completely happy with the finished product! I want to bring back some pages, such as an about me, contact & possibly a product directory to make navigation through this little website of mine much easier. At the moment I look at my blog space & see so much potential, I feel as though it needs 'pulling together' a bit more with a fresh new design, still gonna incorporate Tilly Pug somehow! In fact I am actually considering dropping 'loulabeth' & renaming this blog to Laura & Tilly, thoughts?
Blogging is most certainly not all about stats & figures but I will admit that I'd love to see my audience grow throughout 2015. It's pretty satisfying seeing the number increase on bloglovin'/other social media accounts, knowing I've attracted another reader is a nice reward after working on a post etc. I definitely want to try & be more consistent with my content too. I'm going to stick to dedicated days for certain posts such as my Wednesday Wishlists and I'd like to do a Sunday Summary kinda post each week too. However I'm not going to set a proper blogging schedule of when to expect posts as I have had experience of doing this last year, then not being able to stick to those days & putting myself under pressure. I don't want my blog to make me feel pressured & thats an important one for me to remember. 

Ever since I found the blogging community, firstly by stumbling across Tanya Burr's makeup tutorials which then led me to explore further & find Lily's fashion blog I've loved the whole concept that surrounds blogging. As a teenager I developed my passion for makeup, learning tips from my friends & experimenting with drugstore products, Rimmel being my favourite brand so when I discovered the beauty blogosphere I was pretty much hooked. Before I started my own blog I would sit for hours reading pages of Zoella's, Lily, Becky & Emma's blogs & even now I check regularly for new posts. I've always found their content inspiring. Blogging basically went viral last year, it spiralled out of control (in a good way) & there is so much opportunity for bloggers now, it's a great thing to be involved with. Whilst I don't think my blog will ever become my job it's amazing to see how some people have made that move & I've found it interesting to follow their journey. 

Another thing I want to make a priority is becoming more involved with the blogging community. In late 2014 I began receiving invites to blogger events & had the chance to attend a couple. I met some lovely bloggers & I'd love to continue making new blogger friends, it's the best being able to talk to people who share the same passion & actually understand blogging! 

So this has been a rather big ramble, in a nutshell I want to be more creative, consistent & become part of the community. Lets hope 2015 feeds this craving I have to learn & unlocks the little goals I've set for myself! Have you set yourself any blogging goals or resolutions in general? Let me know! (:
L x

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