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First post!

I've been dying to set up a little blog for ages, but I've been really lazy and never got round to it.. finally done it though!  I'm just starting of with an introduction really, nothing special.

I'm Laura, age nineteen from Preston however in just over two weeks I will be moving down to London to start at Queen Mary University.. majorly excited! I am also rubbish at writing 'about me' sections so sorry if I'm boring! Currently sat with my boyfriend, Dom, whilst he reads (its like the first time I've ever seen him read!! but we just got our amazon delivery, I got One Day and he got Scar Tissue, which is Anthony Keidis autobiography) and Cloud the cutest husky puppy I've ever seen! I'm almost sure I'll be posting lots of pictures! 

Things I enjoy the most are: knitting days with my nana, snuggles with my boyf :), cups of tea!, hello kitty (I'm abit obsessed, oops), reading, baking, driving, going on walkies with the puppy, travelling to new places, LONDON!!!, shopping and having leopard print nails!

Hopefully this is okay as an introduction as I really don't know what else to write! xo 

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