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wishlist #1

one: glitter jelly sandals - these are the cutest things ever, I had a few pairs when I was younger! I NEED them!
two: Cath Kidston cosmetic bag - I am in desperate need of a new makeup bag, my poor hello kitty one is completely trashed, it's torn and really worn out :(, this looks as though it would be a good size and is easy to keep free from makeup stains as it is made from wipe-clean oilcloth! 
three: Topshop adrenalin nail varnish - This needs to belong to my pathetic nail varnish collection, I only have a couple of glitters, models own juicy jules & the OPI rainbow carnival dupe by technic, putting glitters over a neutral varnish is my favourite at the moment.
four: lilac knitted jumper - This is such a pretty colour, I think it is perfect for this time of year, as the weather is so unpredictable! I do already have a jumper like this in a cream colour that I picked up from primark and I'm lucky enough to have a nana who can knit, so she is currently knitting me a black version! jumpers are probably my favourite piece of clothing, so easy to throw over a little dress!
five: pony earrings - I rarely wear earrings, due to laziness probably and also I find them so uncomfortable to sleep in so I forget to put them back in! 

When I first created this blog, I did intend on posting regularly, but settling into university life & also living in London kinda got in the way! I really enjoy reading other people's blogs though so now I have some time I'm excited to start blogging properly :) 
Also, this was meant to post weeks ago, I have no idea what happened! & for some reason, my image has lost all its quality, so sorry, when I figure out what I'm doing I'll re-upload!

L x


  1. Ahhh I love all these pieces - especially the jumper and the jelly sandals! That lilac colour is just perfect!

    Fab blog :)


  2. The jumper went out of stock before I bought it, I'm gutted! Thankyou :)

    L x