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my week in photos #3

Wow this is a very food heavy post, oops! If food looks pretty I can't help but take a photo though...

Received these Angelica nail polishes in the post, the colours are fab! | Core collection, finally... | Dom treated me to Krispy Kreme | Disappointing glossybox | Pink french fancy - the best ones :) | Berries from the picnic! (on a healthy eating 'kick', you can't tell from these photos though, whoooooops | A customized studded jumper that I'm selling - comment/tweet me if you're interested | Bow bracelet & earrings | Cookie & coffee for breakfast

Been abit of a strange week really as I've not done much, blogged every day though! I have lots of blog post ideas for next week too. I might nip down to London this week, crazy I know as it'll be hectic due to the Olympics, but I kinda like that haha. I need to sort out a flat anyway so I need to have a visit sooner rather than later! Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday afternoon

L x

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topshop lipstick | inhibition

I finally bought my first Topshop lipstick a couple of weeks ago, after umming and ahhing over which shade to buy for ages! I went for Inhibition as I tend to suit darker lipsticks rather than nude or pink toned ones. I originally wanted to get Beguiled but noticed Inhibition and preferred the colour of this as it wouldn't be as harsh. 

The colour is a dark plum, I apply it lightly as it's quite pigmented and I don't want to look like a wannabe goff haha! Even when applied lightly it gives a strong colour, I love it though. People often compare the Topshop lipsticks to the MAC ones, I can't really say much though as I only have a lustre in MAC and this is a matte finish. I usually apply a lipbalm over the top to give a slight shine. The quality is great for the price though, I did buy a similar colour to this by the brand 17, it was almost £6 and was awful to apply! It didn't glide on my lips at all so I gave up and have never properly worn it. I do think Topshop makeup is lovely though, I want more of it, I have a blusher which I've had for well over a year, I use it everyday and I've still not hit pan. Their colour range is amazing, everytime I'm in Topshop I'm drawn to their makeup stand, the way they display the nail polishes is just perfect!

Have you tried any Topshop makeup?

L x

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picnic in the park

So the other day Dom & I decided we would go for a drive up to Southport, which isn't too far away from where we live, and go to Botanical Gardens as we used to go all the time when I also had a car! I really love it here, the gardens are so cute, but unfortunately we didn't get to stay very long as the skies turned a horrible grey colour & it started spitting :( horrible Northern weather! We had a lovely day though and it was nice to enjoy each others company, we always seem to be busy with family/friend events at the moment, hopefully we are off to Leeds in a couple of days to chill out and stay at Doms amazing little apartment though! :) I was going to upload pictures of us too, but we don't look normal on any of them haha, lots of silly faces oops, next time I'll try take better ones!

What have you been doing to enjoy the nice weather, since it's finally arrived in the UK!? Are there any little gardens like this near where you live? :)

L x

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wednesday wishlist #2

one | two | three | four | five

One - I'm in need of some simple tops that I can wear with my disco pants for a casual outfit, this is ideal and I don't own anything in this colour!

Two - Omg how adorable is this! I had a ring exactly like this from H&M but I've misplaced it :(...

Three - Essie polishes are so popular at the moment, there colour range is amazing though, these two need to be in my collection asap! (Tart Deco & Neo Whimsical if anyones wondering)

Four - A set of three little heart rings, I'd probably only wear one at a time, but it's cheaper to buy three than one so...

Five - I already have three pairs of these Topshop socks, everytime I go in store I have to stop myself buying more, I'm a massive fan of pastel colours, especially when it comes to accessories.

L x

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NOTD #2 - models own ombré nails

(Blooboo | Pastel Pink | Pink Blush)

After seeing this tutorial on Coleyyyfuls blog I decided I needed to try it out! Its really, really easy and although mine didn't turn out as neat as hers, it still looks really awesome :) I will be trying this out with lots of different colours and also adding the leopard print design too next time.

Do you enjoy doing nail art?

L x

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review | ogario restore & shine hair masque

Ogario are currently running an Olympic offer, enabling you to claim a free sample of this hair masque, click here to get yours, the offer ends on August 12th.

The first thing that impressed me about this product was the smell, the lavender and sage go together creating a fresh scent that I can't get enough of! The best thing is, after washing the masque out of your hair the fragrance still remains, even for a few days. I was really looking forward to using this as my hair can be quite difficult to manage as it is so thick and in desperate need of a cut... As guided I shampooed and conditioned my hair, then squeezed the excess water with a towel, this allows the product to work to its full potential. Application of the masque was easy, it smoothed over my hair with no problems. I chose to leave the masque on my hair for around 20 minutes, as my hair is quite dry and in need of some TLC! When I washed it off I was amazed with how soft my hair felt, I left my hair to dry naturally as I'm trying not to use any heat on it at the mo, and instead of the usual frizzball curls my hair had gentle, loose beach style waves. I have used this twice now and have been pleasantly surprised with the results, I never like to believe in something until I've tried it myself but this stuff is honestly incredible! My hair is much easier to handle after using this, appears much healthier with a lovely shine, it has life again!

Ogario retail the masque at £26.50, which seems pricey however this is for 200ml, I was sent a 15ml pot, which I have only used half of after using it twice, so I do think you would get your moneys worth. I think I will be adding this miracle product to my Christmas list!

Have you ever tried any hair masques? How do you keep your hair in good condition?

L x

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little grey dress

(Grey dress - Primark | Jacket - H&M | Frilly socks - Topshop | Underground Creepers - Office | Ring - Primark (old!) | Spike necklace - eBay)

Here is a quick outfit post today, not entirely happy with the photos but they will do! I missed Dom being my photographer haha, I balanced a load of boxes on my bed to act as a tripod for these!

The grey dress is a dupe of the Topshop speckle dress that almost everybody has, I searched everywhere for that damn dress but was never lucky enough to get my hands on it, so when I discovered this in Primark I snapped it up immediately. Primark sizing is ridiculous though, this is too big for me round the waist which is annoying, but I bought a pair of pjs in the same size and they are too tight for me... make up your mind Primark! 

Quite a simple outfit today really, the weather is being strange, I normally wear black tights with this dress but decided to be abit more summery with the socks and clear tights, I'm not brave enough to have completely bare legs though! Not much else to say, I'm trying to be as productive as I can be today, so far so good, I got up at 9am which is almost unbelievable for me nowadays...

L x

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my week in photos #2

Messy ombre nails | Models Own Polish | Relaxing in little frilly socks 
Rilakkuma case as featured in my wishlist! | Posing before I met my Nana | Coffee & teacakes! HERRO iPhone 4S ^__^ | Little Abi bear on my knee! | Huge dairy milk bar, mmm 

Sorry my blogging has been abit on & off recently, I haven't had my laptop much as I've been here, there & everywhere! I will be doing a post tomorrow though & I'll try get back on track as I have tonnes of ideas!

Hope you're all okay & having a nice weekend, I did a carboot with Dom today, mix that up with being hungover & getting a burnt nose pretty much resulted in a disaster!! It wasn't what I was expecting anyway but nevermind :)

L x

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wednesday wishlist #1

one | two | three | four | five | six

One - Finally got an iPhone 4S today after months of heartbreak over my stolen iPhone 4, so I am going to treat myself to a ridiculous case! I did have the Rilakkuma case with ears originally!

Two - When I became a University student I promised myself to not splurge on high end makeup as I knew I wouldn't be able to afford it, I stuck to my rule and used Rimmel throughout the year, however it's summertime now and I've heard good things about MAC studio sculpt so I might invest! I used to wear MAC's studio fix fluid, which I loved (:

Three - This dress would be perfect for the wedding I'm attending in September, I'm addicted to the colour lilac at the mo! Plus the little gold tips are a lovely little touch.

Four - I never joined the hype when literally everyone had the double cross rings or the cross necklaces, but I do like this pearl cross necklace, I think it would go well with the dress I've also featured.

Five - FLATFORMS! I'm in love with these so badly, I need them in my life, the price is amazing too, so I'll probably be the owner of these very soon...

Six - The Minnie Mouse OPI collection is adorable, but Nothin' Mousie 'bout It' is my fave from the bunch! I'm a nail art addict, so I think it would be quite fun to try some designs out with the glitter hearts!

L x

lush skincare review | oatifix face mask

When I was in Manchester last week I popped into the Lush store with my friend Abi, as I wanted to purchase a few things. I asked one of the assistants, (who was amazing, seriously the nicest lady I've ever met, she was so so helpful) if she could point me in the right direction of skincare for dry skin. She sat me down and brought over a lot of different products, which she allowed me to test. Firstly she cleansed my skin with Ultrabland, then applied two different masks on each hand. One was the BB Seaweed, the other being Oatifix. After washing off the masks with warm water she showed me Celestial and Skin Drink, then applied these too. There was so many products she introduced me to, a few others were a toner water & a massage bar, but I really can't remember which ones, I have them written down somewhere though! No word of a lie my skin was SO smooth after the treatment, it was awesome! When my boyfriend picked me up about 4 or 5 hours later my skin still felt amazing, I couldn't believe it. 

In the end I purchased the oatifix mask, as I couldn't resist the smell, which is made up of bananas, oatmeal and vanilla, plus the hand she had applied it to felt like it was slightly smoother and more refreshed. I also bought the Whoosh Shower Jelly, as a treat for my boyfriend and this is also AMAZING! Sorry I keep using the word amazing, but I really am amazed by all these products! 

I have used oatifix today and I am really pleased with the results. I have dry patches on my forehead, chin and my nose sometimes, I do feel like my skin is so dehydrated, even though I try to drink as much water as possible and I always moisturise! So far my skin feels fresh and appears to be brighter. I am going to use this again in a couple of days to keep up the fresh feeling it has given me! I expected it to apply a little easier than it did do, but it wasn't frustrating or anything, I just warmed it up in my hands a little and smoothed it on quite thickly. 

The lady who served me also gave me a free sample of the Ultrabland cleanser as she couldn't stop raving about it, she says it had changed her life! I have used this a couple of times, whilst it does the job perfectly at removing all my makeup it does leave my skin feeling very greasy. I have been told the 9 to 5 Cleansing Milk is really good, so I might try that next time. I've also made a mental note to add Skin Drink to my Christmas list as I couldn't justify spending almost £12 whilst I was in Manchester on my shopping trip, I'd already spent a fortune in Primark!

Have you tried any Lush products? What are your favourites?

L x

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my week in photos #1

I thought I'd do a quick & easy post, as it has been a few days since I last posted! I love the idea of these posts, I have selected my favourite instagram pictures from the past week. (Instagram name: loulabeth) I know almost every blog does this style of post, but I enjoy looking at the collages, plus its a nice way to display a summary of your week!

Flowers in my Nana & Grandads garden | Disco Mix! | Oatifix face mask - amazing for dry skin! | McDonalds pancakes, mmm | Pug pjs from Primark! | A little haul from my Manchester shopping trip |
Millie's Cookies | I love my bed | Glamour freebies

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I had a nice lie in, followed by a yummy roast dinner at my Nana & Grandads house! This evening I'm going to snuggle in bed watching movies in bed with Dom! :)

L x

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disco crosses

(Velvet Shirt - eBay | Cross Top - Primark | Disco Pants - AA | Lipstick - MUA, Shade 1 | Nail Polish - Models Own, Disco Mix)

Finally, here is my first outfit post! I managed to convince Dom to snap some photos of me, which he did quite well, considering he isn't creative at all, bless him. We ended up using his iPhone 4 camera, as my camera died seconds before we were about to take the first photo, annoying but the quality isn't too bad luckily.

I am absolutely in love with my disco pants, I can't stop wearing them, I really do think they are worth the £70 price tag, although I managed to get them for £49 when AA gave their subscribers 30% off! I've noticed alot of dupes are available, including a pair by Glamorous, which are the best I've seen so far, a little bit gutting after I'd splurged on the real thing but nevermind.

The top half of my outfit is a complete bargain really, with the velvet shirt costing just 99p from eBay and the top was £6 from Primark. The top reminded me of a jersey dress I had seen in Topshop a while back, which was also embellished with silver beaded crosses, but there was no way I could justify the price... even though I can justify the price of disco pants haha. Primark also sold the top in cream with gold beaded crosses, which of course I also bought, I couldn't resist at that price!

I've been wearing my hair up an awful lot recently, which I don't really like but deal with it because I'm in desperate need of a haircut! I've been growing my hair for a year now, it has finally got to a nice length but all the layers have grown out so my hair is a massive frizzball that needs sorting out ASAP! I have really thick hair anyway but I used to have it thinned out every 6-8 weeks so it's actually nice to have a load of volume back in it. I need a proper fringe back in my life too, I used to have a full on emo fringe which I was so proud of hahaha ~loser~ but I really miss it so I'm gonna snip it back in properly when I'm feeling brave enough!

Oh! and I didn't show my shoes in these because I was wearing little leopard ankle boots that didn't really match, I would have preferred my creepers but I didn't have them at Doms house ): and I'm sorry some of the pictures have a slight blue blur to the right of them, the phone case slid over the lense abit, hope this okay for my first outfit post!

Have any of you got AA disco pants? What is your favourite way to wear them? :)

L x

MUA lipstick - shade 1 & shade 13

(Top to bottom: Packaging, Shade 1, Upclose, Shade 13, Upclose, Swatches - 13 is the top)

Yesterday I went to Manchester with one of my friends Abi, as she wanted to try on the famous American Apparel disco pants and we thought we would make a day of it! I spent far too much money, especially in Primark, I can't believe how good some of their items are at the mo, I had to be super careful not to go overboard... Anyway this blog post is dedicated to two lipsticks I purchased, after reading sooo many blog posts about them I had to try them out and see what all the hype was about!

When we went into Superdrug there was a lady fussing over all the MUA (Makeup Academy) products, I was talking away to Abi about how I had heard people raving about the lipsticks and the lady turned round to tell me that according to the Guardian they are rated as one of the best quality lipsticks! This made me even more eager to buy a few but I really couldn't decide which ones. I think I actually swatched the whole range, my hand was a beautiful rainbow of pink, red & peach shades! In the end I opted for shades 1 & 13, only now I am realising how similar they are, both being reds, ooops... 

Shade 1 is the darker shade of red and also my favourite out of the two. It has tones of purple, infact I think it applies as a plum colour, so it is a little misleading. I'm so bad at describing colours though, sorry! Check out the swatch images above to get a better idea, shade 1 is the bottom swatch though, I muddled up the order by accident :(

Shade 13 is quite vibrant, however it does have blue undertones so it appears quite pinky when swatched or applied. I'm not actually that keen on this colour when applied, my sister did say it made my skin look really good though... I felt like it washed me out! For only £1 I really can't complain though, I think I'm just not used to seeing myself with red lips!

An extra little feature of these lipsticks is the additional product stored at the bottom, which indicates the shade. These simply unscrew to reveal the extra lipstick (I say simply, but I can't get the bottom off shade 1) but still its a pretty awesome way of displaying the shade and when the actual lipstick runs out there is always the little pot left! 

A downside to these lipsticks is that they always seem to be out of stock! I've been into a couple of Superdrug stores in various places of the country and the stands are always a complete mess (sort it out Superdrug!) with about 4 or 5 of the shades completely missing ): a n n o y i n g! Finally I'm not a fan of lipsticks being referred to as numbers, I find it much easier to remember names, it becomes a little bit confusing, especially as earlier I muddled up the lids, which have the shade numbers on, leading me to be unsure which one belonged to each lipstick.

Have you ever tried anything from the MUA range? I think my next purchase will be the Heaven & Earth palette, an almost perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palette's! 

L x

NOTD #1 - models own & technic

A quick nails of the day post! This is my favourite combination of nail polishes ever, I'd say its my most worn look. It's so easy to create and goes with every outfit!

The models own polish is in the shade utopia, which I've used over half the bottle of - this never happens! I absolutely love the colour, its the perfect neutral colour but has a lilac, pink tone to it, I'm awful at describing colours! I think models own polishes apply really nicely, they can be a little thick sometimes and it lasts around 3 days without chipping or a topcoat, with a topcoat it can last over a week for me!

The glitter polish is by technic, which I picked up in bodycare for 99p! Its called carnival and is a perfect dupe for the OPI rainbow connection. I could go on about how much I love this glitter, but I won't! The only downside I found is that it can be a pain to get off, but that is a known fact about glitter polish, I havn't found any easy way to remove them yet, I tend to find myself picking most of it off, oops. Has anyone got any glitter polish removal tips and tricks? Please let me know!

L x

a little trip to leeds

This weekend I helped my boyfriend, Dom, move into his new flat in Leeds, which was pretty hectic, I cleaned almost the whole time! The flat is so so lovely though and I can't wait to spend more time there, I will be able to take outfit photos there too because there are plenty of blank walls and the lighting is amazing! It's a third floor flat with views across the countryside of Leeds (picture above!), with a floor to ceiling window - my favourite feature of the flat! I wish I had taken proper photos but I didn't, so I only have the two instagram photos above from the whole weekend. I need to stop being so lazy and start taking decent photographs!

Today I need to get myself organised because I am off to London tomorrow morning, for a business kind of meeting. It sounds too grown up to say it's actually a business meeting but thats basically what it is! Super exciting :) Then when I am back from London I'm meeting up with one of my best friends who I havn't seen in almost a year, because of university and shes lives abroad during the holidays :( hopefully I'll be able to upload some pictures but we will see! 

L x