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a little trip to leeds

This weekend I helped my boyfriend, Dom, move into his new flat in Leeds, which was pretty hectic, I cleaned almost the whole time! The flat is so so lovely though and I can't wait to spend more time there, I will be able to take outfit photos there too because there are plenty of blank walls and the lighting is amazing! It's a third floor flat with views across the countryside of Leeds (picture above!), with a floor to ceiling window - my favourite feature of the flat! I wish I had taken proper photos but I didn't, so I only have the two instagram photos above from the whole weekend. I need to stop being so lazy and start taking decent photographs!

Today I need to get myself organised because I am off to London tomorrow morning, for a business kind of meeting. It sounds too grown up to say it's actually a business meeting but thats basically what it is! Super exciting :) Then when I am back from London I'm meeting up with one of my best friends who I havn't seen in almost a year, because of university and shes lives abroad during the holidays :( hopefully I'll be able to upload some pictures but we will see! 

L x

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