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lush skincare review | oatifix face mask

When I was in Manchester last week I popped into the Lush store with my friend Abi, as I wanted to purchase a few things. I asked one of the assistants, (who was amazing, seriously the nicest lady I've ever met, she was so so helpful) if she could point me in the right direction of skincare for dry skin. She sat me down and brought over a lot of different products, which she allowed me to test. Firstly she cleansed my skin with Ultrabland, then applied two different masks on each hand. One was the BB Seaweed, the other being Oatifix. After washing off the masks with warm water she showed me Celestial and Skin Drink, then applied these too. There was so many products she introduced me to, a few others were a toner water & a massage bar, but I really can't remember which ones, I have them written down somewhere though! No word of a lie my skin was SO smooth after the treatment, it was awesome! When my boyfriend picked me up about 4 or 5 hours later my skin still felt amazing, I couldn't believe it. 

In the end I purchased the oatifix mask, as I couldn't resist the smell, which is made up of bananas, oatmeal and vanilla, plus the hand she had applied it to felt like it was slightly smoother and more refreshed. I also bought the Whoosh Shower Jelly, as a treat for my boyfriend and this is also AMAZING! Sorry I keep using the word amazing, but I really am amazed by all these products! 

I have used oatifix today and I am really pleased with the results. I have dry patches on my forehead, chin and my nose sometimes, I do feel like my skin is so dehydrated, even though I try to drink as much water as possible and I always moisturise! So far my skin feels fresh and appears to be brighter. I am going to use this again in a couple of days to keep up the fresh feeling it has given me! I expected it to apply a little easier than it did do, but it wasn't frustrating or anything, I just warmed it up in my hands a little and smoothed it on quite thickly. 

The lady who served me also gave me a free sample of the Ultrabland cleanser as she couldn't stop raving about it, she says it had changed her life! I have used this a couple of times, whilst it does the job perfectly at removing all my makeup it does leave my skin feeling very greasy. I have been told the 9 to 5 Cleansing Milk is really good, so I might try that next time. I've also made a mental note to add Skin Drink to my Christmas list as I couldn't justify spending almost £12 whilst I was in Manchester on my shopping trip, I'd already spent a fortune in Primark!

Have you tried any Lush products? What are your favourites?

L x

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  1. I definitely want to try these now :) Great review x

  2. The whooosh stuff is amamzinggggg! even though I also bought it rob :p I need to get a mask from there you have convinced me , next time I will get one :) that lady was so cute :) xoxo

  3. I really want to try this, I have dry skin so hopefully this helps! Found you through the BBU Blog hop :)

  4. I've never tried much from Lush before, the face masks look great though! Might have to pick some up next time I'm in.

    I found your blog from BBU Blog Hop, Im following via GFC

  5. OMG, I always wanted to try a Lush exfoliating mask, I think I will give it a try :)
    I found you through BBU Blog hop and I follow you :)


  6. i'm a new follower of your blog and found it through
    the bbu bloghop i hope you can follow my blog

  7. whoosh shower gel is amazing :)
    bought it for my mum and loved it so much had to buy myself some.
    I'm a new follower through BBU blog hop xxx

  8. the staff in lush are always really really lovely, and this product sounds a-mazing! I'm gonna have to pay a visit sometime soon and check it out! great review :)xo

  9. I was torn between the oatifix and the bb seaweed but I chose the bb seaweed because my skin isn't dry :) I can't wait to try it!

    Vicky xo

  10. Have to try the shower jelly! Lush staff are always friendly, definitely makes the store more appealing haha.

    Found your blog through the BBU blog hop & followed! :) xx
    -MakeUp Blast-

  11. I love lush so much! Definitely pop in and check out the emotional brilliance range. It launches on the 21st internationally and it is truly amazing! (I know as I work there and have seen everything). x

    1. ahhh i can't wait to see this range! :) x

  12. While I'm in America, I definitely have to buy some Lush products!
    I can tell I'll be spending quite a bit in store when I finally get over there! :P
    - Rhiannon

  13. Hi, Great blog! Love your tips, i found you on the BBU Hop

    follow me back


  14. Oatmeal does wonders to you skin! :) I don't have this mask since there isn't a Lush in my neigbourhood (there will be one in August :D) but I do use oatmeal as a cleanser on a daily basis and I adore it! :) This was a great tip though, I 'll definitely check out the mask when the store opens! :)
    Fee xx
    (Ps. I found you through the #bbloggersunite bloghop & I'm following through Bloglovin since I don't have GFC)

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