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NOTD #1 - models own & technic

A quick nails of the day post! This is my favourite combination of nail polishes ever, I'd say its my most worn look. It's so easy to create and goes with every outfit!

The models own polish is in the shade utopia, which I've used over half the bottle of - this never happens! I absolutely love the colour, its the perfect neutral colour but has a lilac, pink tone to it, I'm awful at describing colours! I think models own polishes apply really nicely, they can be a little thick sometimes and it lasts around 3 days without chipping or a topcoat, with a topcoat it can last over a week for me!

The glitter polish is by technic, which I picked up in bodycare for 99p! Its called carnival and is a perfect dupe for the OPI rainbow connection. I could go on about how much I love this glitter, but I won't! The only downside I found is that it can be a pain to get off, but that is a known fact about glitter polish, I havn't found any easy way to remove them yet, I tend to find myself picking most of it off, oops. Has anyone got any glitter polish removal tips and tricks? Please let me know!

L x


  1. The technic glitter looks lovely, and it was only 99p?! xx

  2. Fantastic combo, can't believe the glitter was 99p!

    1. i'm obsessed with it! :) yeah it's such an amazing price! x

  3. Love this combo, I've never tried Model's Own but this color looks so pretty! Found you through the BBU bloghop, xx ahhhdri