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review | ogario restore & shine hair masque

Ogario are currently running an Olympic offer, enabling you to claim a free sample of this hair masque, click here to get yours, the offer ends on August 12th.

The first thing that impressed me about this product was the smell, the lavender and sage go together creating a fresh scent that I can't get enough of! The best thing is, after washing the masque out of your hair the fragrance still remains, even for a few days. I was really looking forward to using this as my hair can be quite difficult to manage as it is so thick and in desperate need of a cut... As guided I shampooed and conditioned my hair, then squeezed the excess water with a towel, this allows the product to work to its full potential. Application of the masque was easy, it smoothed over my hair with no problems. I chose to leave the masque on my hair for around 20 minutes, as my hair is quite dry and in need of some TLC! When I washed it off I was amazed with how soft my hair felt, I left my hair to dry naturally as I'm trying not to use any heat on it at the mo, and instead of the usual frizzball curls my hair had gentle, loose beach style waves. I have used this twice now and have been pleasantly surprised with the results, I never like to believe in something until I've tried it myself but this stuff is honestly incredible! My hair is much easier to handle after using this, appears much healthier with a lovely shine, it has life again!

Ogario retail the masque at £26.50, which seems pricey however this is for 200ml, I was sent a 15ml pot, which I have only used half of after using it twice, so I do think you would get your moneys worth. I think I will be adding this miracle product to my Christmas list!

Have you ever tried any hair masques? How do you keep your hair in good condition?

L x

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  1. This review made me order my free one to try out :)

    lovely post laura :)