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a little haul

It’s been such a pain trying to post this, I’m in London at the moment and currently don’t have an Internet connection at my new house! I had planned to go across the road to the library but lost track of time and had to be elsewhere. Here I am at Doms uncle’s house in Old Street, tethering my iPhone so I could quickly upload! I’m on the third floor of the house and my laptop refuses to connect to the wifi here, so thank you iPhone for saving the day, once again!

I thought I’d blog about what I’ve bought recently as these are one of my favourite kinda posts to read from other bloggers, probably because I’m so nosey... I definitely wish I was brave enough to create a YouTube video for this post, it’d make my life a lot easier as I can sense I will have loads to type about!

Everybody loves a Yankee candle and after buying quite a few various scents in sampler size I thought it was time to buy a proper jar! Vanilla cupcake is my all time favourite smell, but I also love Mango Peach Salsa after getting it for Dom (yes my boyfriend likes candles haha) and Strawberry Buttercream is heavenly! I cannot wait for all the Christmas scents to appear in the shops, especially Christmas Cookie, mmm.

I bought the Aussie shampoo, conditioner & three minute miracle reconstructor full size after I tried out the minis of all 3. My hair/scalp is quite sensitive so I often buy the mini version of a shampoo first to see if I can cope with it! I’m going to write a proper review on these products as my hair loves them and I’ve seen such a difference. I bought these when they were on offer in Tesco, 3 for £10, and I think Boots are currently running a similar offer.

St Ives Apricot Scrub was a much loved product during my early teens. I’ve never had particularly bad skin, luckily, so this is ideal to purely freshen up my skin in the morning!

MUA reached 25,000 likes on Facebook and to celebrate they offered 25% discount on orders over £10 plus free postage, obviously I couldn’t resist this! I’ve been meaning to pick up the Heaven & Earth palette for ages now but found it hard to get hold of, so I’m glad I finally own this! I also bought the Undressed palette as I’ve heard it’s a great dupe for Urban Decays Naked2 palette. The blusher is shade 4 and has quickly become my go to blusher, it is super pigmented though so a little goes a long way. I did buy a lipstick too, shade 15 or ‘Juicy’ but I gave this to my sister as she wanted a peach/nude toned lipstick but was yet to find the perfect one until now, well done MUA!

L’oreal Liquid Superliner is my current eyeliner, it’s easy to use and lasts all day. I’d like to try some other liquid eyeliners though, please feel free to leave me some suggestions (:

I really hoped I wouldn’t fall in love with anything from the latest Essie collection, but of course I want almost all six shades! I really liked Mojito Madness, it’s a perfect grass green & Fear or Desire is a fab, fiery orange colour but I managed to decide on Bikini so Teeny eventually. I can’t fault the Essie polishes though, they apply so nicely and last well.

Why has Primark been SO good the past couple of weeks!? All my recent wardrobe purchases have been from there! I am over the moon that I finally got my hands on the khaki/leather jacket that is an amazing dupe of the Zara/River Island/Topshop version, plus it was less than half the price. The cream chunky knit jumper is super cosy and has cute coffee coloured elbow patches too! Finally I picked up the black studded bag for uni as it will fit A4 folders in, plus my laptop and anything with studs is a must for me! I NEED the studded clutch bag that lots of you seem to have, I’m going on a hunt for it tomorrow in fact...

Keep an eye out for upcoming outfit posts featuring the clothes I’ve shown above and also full reviews of the products I purchased!

L x

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my week in photos #6

Having a dilemma in Boots over which colour to choose, I went with Bikini so Teeny | ombré hair! | the best kind of chocolate | I found my old bb case I'd decorated | tonnes of old deco pieces | New yankee candle | Cute hello kitty socks | Blue nose teddy | Pretty sunset

This week has flown by, it feels like a blur I can barely remember anything! I decided to nip into Boots with Abi on Friday to pick a few things up & treat myself to a new Essie polish... I also finally dyed my hair ombré after being undecided for so long & I really love it! It was so easy to do, does anyone want me to do a post on it? :)

I've been packing all my stuff up ready for my move back to London as my Mum is driving me down on Tuesday & I've come across all my deco things! I used to be obsessed & spent many many hours decorating my blackberry case, followed by my iPhone 3gs case & I also customized a little mirror :) I can't decide if I should sell all the pieces or carry on being creative? Is anyone interested in buying a handmade phone case off me? Or has that craze kind of got boring now? Let me know!

Dom & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary last Sunday so I took a few days away from the internet! We usually book a mini trip, but this year we really couldn't afford it so we chilled out & gave each other homemade gifts :) I always make him a gift every year as it's more personal & I enjoy researching/thinking up ideas.

I'm sorry I've been a really inconsistent blogger recently, I know I keep saying this but I can't find the time to blog! I actually miss it as I got into a good routine of having blog posts up regularly, so hopefully I'll be blogging properly again this week!

L x

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glossybox august 2012

Glossybox August 2012

'International Superstars' was the theme this month, celebrating beauty products from various places around the world, tying in with recent Olympic events, although of course this was celebrating sporting 'superstars' from around the world rather than beauty!

Alessandro Pro White (Germany) - A blue tinged polish to brighten nails & take the yellowness away. I don't particularly get stained nails, but I applied a coat of this to one nail & actually I could see a difference. My nail tip definetley appeared whiter & in general looked a healthier colour, I'll probably use this quite alot as a base coat.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Japan) - I'm a little bit scared to use this, because I'm worried it will make my skin really greasy as it's an oil! Has anyone tried this yet!? It would be nice if it lived up to glossy's claims of it being better than any other makeup remover you've ever tried!

Eve's Balm - Forever using lipbalms so I know I'll get use out of this product. The smell reminds me of Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose a little. The packaging pleased me too, it's really soft, (not sure what it is!) & there is a handy little mirror.

Vera Valenti (Spain) - Kind of unsure about this product, it looks like something from the 90s and the green eyeshadows really don't appeal to me...

Lipcote (UK) - I've been told using a lipstick sealer is great, but I've never really thought about investing in one, so I'm glad this was included as I can finally test it out! I've heard the taste isn't too nice though & the smell is awful!

Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink - A little bonus product, didn't think the colour would suit me, but I tried it anyway & was surprised at how lovely it actually is, thanks glossy!

The box this month was SO much better than last month, which I was massively disappointed with. I'll get use out of most of these products & I'll probably give the eyeshadows to my little sister if I don't get along with them.

What did you think of this months Glossybox?

L x

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john frieda tutorials | topknot step-by-step

Hey everyone, I was recently contacted & asked if I would like to share some hair tutorials on my blog. I've included the topknot tutorial, as it's a super quick video & I know it's a popular style. I love having my hair in a topknot, it's simple to create, so perfect if you're short of time! My favourite aspect of this tutorial is that the model is shown actually creating the look herself, with guidance from Jake Davis, a celebrity hair stylist. At first I thought if a stylist was creating the look then I'd never be able to achieve it! John Frieda produced these videos to highlight their Full Repair Range, which consists of products to protect your hair from heat damage. I used to straighten my hair religiously every single day when I was younger, resulting in my hair being a complete mess, so I'm always on the look out for products that can bring my hair back to life! Another of the Full Repair Range tutorials that caught my eye was the Full Body Blow Dry, showing you how to create a salon perfect style!

The John Frieda YouTube channel has loads of style tutorials, there will definitely be one suitable for you... I'm going to try out hair bow tutorial next!

Have a look & let me know what you think?

L x

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my week in photos #5

Dominoes pizza last night | Ready to go out in Leeds | Nandos treat with Dom, Jen & Taylor! | 
Starbucks - can't get enough of these refresha's| Dom brought me sweets to cheer me up :) | My little brother who I miss ridiculous amounts! | Got the keys to my London home | I possibly went shopping on Oxford st... OOPS! | Dom's apartment is amazing

This week I have been back & forth to London & Leeds so much! Glad it's all over now & everything has finally been sorted. Dom & I are currently in Leeds, we came back on Friday as we had a little flat warming party & then headed out in to Leeds. I had such a fab night with the some of the best people & the following day we all went back into the city to eat at Red Hot Buffet which is pretty good! Now I'm just chilling out, catching up on blog posts, drinking cups of tea & eagerly waiting for the closing ceremony to begin at 9pm! Still love the spice girls after all these years haha!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

L x

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come as you are

Shirt - H&M | Levi shorts - Vintage shop (unsure!) | Bag - Primark

Super quick post, this is one of my 'go to' outfits at the moment, I enjoy pretty simple outfits really! I bought the shirt a few months ago, I had a stage of being obsessed with pretty sheer shirts, well I still am, they're perfect to wear casually or dressed up! The photos don't really show off the shirt at its best, especially the floral collar detail. The Levi shorts are actually my sister's as my beloved Topshop denim shorts are just TOO short now & I fear the whole world can see my bum when I wear them!! So I need to invest in a new pair, but for now stealing my sister's works just as well. I'm also wearing my little leopard 'pixie' boots that I picked up from Primark a while ago. No jewellery as I'm at Doms in Leeds and forgot to pack it... silly me! I'm actually not happy with my blog photos at all at the moment, I think I'm just struggling to get the right composition, I need to invest in a tripod, which I'm sure will make my life a little easier!

L x

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wednesday wishlist #3

one | two | three | four | five

Slightly different from my usual Wednesday wishlist, however I have finally sorted out a house in London & there are a couple of things I want to get to organise my room, which lead me to produce this little post :)

One - Cath Kidston bleached flower underbed storage is so pretty & perfect to store away things I don't want on display, e.g uni notes, important documents, or bedding & towels. I definitely think this is my favourite Cath Kidston pattern. I wouldn't be able to store these under my bed at uni as it's a divan but they would store neatly at the bottom of my wardrobe or under my desk! 

Two - These little heart bowls are super cute & would look lovely sat on my chest of drawers displaying my most used nail polishes or bits of jewellery.

Three - I think this little house shaped chalk board would be ideal for the kitchen, I'm forever forgettting what I need from the shops, even if I write lists, so by having a visual display like this I'm more likely to remember! Plus the other girls can add on what they need so we can all help each other out in that sense :)

Four - Meet Emmeline the brown owl! My friend Abi is obsessed with Owls, I'm pretty sure she would own an Owl if she could! Anyway I know she has one of these cushions & I really like them, Sass & Belle did have a cupcake one in store but I couldn't find it online! I'm also a massive fan of the fox cushions they sell & think they would look so sweet placed upon a bed of crisp white linen.

Five - I noticed the lightbulb in my room was bare & made a mental note to find a lampshade, unfortunately being a student this is too pricey for me at the mo, but if I was rich this would be mine! On the look out for something cheap & cheerful now... ):

Four out of the five items shown on my little wishlist are from Sass & Belle, I didn't do this on purpose I just can't resist their items! Everytime I visit the little shop in Covent Garden I have to restrain myself from spending a fortune, it's like heaven to me! Have you ever been to Sass & Belle? It's well worth a visit!

L x

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my week in photos #4

Regent Street decorated with flags for the Olympics | Gerrards Cross is a lovely place | Meet Maisy the Yorkshire Terrier :) | & here is Abi our other Yorkshire Terrier | Treated Dom & I to a Starbucks lunch | Cloud the Husky puppy - he is super naughty & had roller about in all the mud haha! | Addicted to this Angelica nail polish! | Made a stuffed crust pizza for my baba bro (who is 8 but to me he is still a lil baby!) | Baked these with my little brother too!

I'm so sorry about the lack of posts this week, I've been a little stressed out because I'm sorting out my student house in London. This resulted in me travelling down the country, firstly to Leicester & then onto London the next day, which has been very tiring! I'm not sure I'll get to blog alot next week either as I've gotta go to Leeds, London again & Leeds again at the end of the week... please bare with me! I have lots of ideas on posts, it really is just having the time to compile them ):

I've gone a little crazy taking millions of pictures of my little brother, Conor, & our doggies because on Friday they are moving to Turkey, genuinely so so so sad that they're leaving (my Stepmum wants to live there) which has resulted in me wanting lots of memories. I'm thinking about making a little book for my brother to give him when he is a bit older, full of all the pictures of us! He is an important little person in my life & I have made him promise to Skype me everyday if he can :'(

Anyway, as usual I hope you have all had a lovely weekend - I've started revision for my resits in 12 days :(

L x

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angelica nail polish

(Angelica Nail Polish* - Glossy Top Coat | Foiled Again | Brit Pop | Heartbreaker)

I had been contemplating picking up a few of these products in Primark a couple of weeks ago when I was in Manchester as I had seen them featured on various blogs. I decided not to because I was trying to save money, therefore I am so pleased I was lucky enough to receive these when Angelica Nails selected my blog after asking people to tweet them. They are priced at a very reasonable £2.50 and next time I am in Primark I will definitely be picking up a few more colours, my Mum has also asked me to get her some as she thinks they are fab! Plus my little Sister has her eyes on them, & as she is forever asking me to paint her nails I think I will start her a little collection of these cute polishes!  

I am being completely honest here when I say this, but I cannot believe how well they apply, they're a dream come true... seriously! After applying only one coat the coverage was perfect, the brush is an ideal size & for the first time in my life I didn't get the polish all over the sides of my nails. I did apply a second coat to see if the colour was enhanced anymore, but there wasn't much difference although I prefer to wear two coats as I know the polish will stay on longer. So far I have no chipped nails either... yay! I have tried all three colours plus the top coat, however I am only featuring images of 'Heartbreaker' applied on my nails because I have 'Foiled Again' & 'Brit Pop' on my toes & no way will I ever take an up-close picture of my feet & upload it to the internet! I will say though that 'Brit Pop' is extremely similar to Technic Carnival that I featured in THIS post, which I'm sure lots of you will be glad to know as it is quite hard to track down now... plus this glitter is easier to apply, I found that it gives a more even spread of glitter. I will be featuring these two in a nail of the day post soon though & I'm looking forward to Christmas time even more so now because 'Foiled Again' seems quite festive to me!

When I opened the lovely little box Angelica had sent to me I was very excited to see the shocking pink colour, as I don't have many bright polishes, mainly pastels, but there has been a bit of a neon craze recently! I would describe this as a neon pink, as it really is very eye-catching when worn although it does have blue iridescent shimmer to it. Some people will think this is ridiculously tacky & some will love it, I actually love it alot! It's great for me because I tend to wear quite neutral clothes so this adds a pop of colour to my outfits. I applied the glossy top coat over which added a smooth finish, although I did notice the brush picked up some of the colouring, I managed to wipe it off the brush but I assume it was because the colour is so intense? Anyway it didn't happen when I applied it over the silver polish.

You can find Angelica on TwitterFacebook & their Website is currently being updated but check it out anyway :)

Do you own any of the Angelica polishes? 

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