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angelica nail polish

(Angelica Nail Polish* - Glossy Top Coat | Foiled Again | Brit Pop | Heartbreaker)

I had been contemplating picking up a few of these products in Primark a couple of weeks ago when I was in Manchester as I had seen them featured on various blogs. I decided not to because I was trying to save money, therefore I am so pleased I was lucky enough to receive these when Angelica Nails selected my blog after asking people to tweet them. They are priced at a very reasonable £2.50 and next time I am in Primark I will definitely be picking up a few more colours, my Mum has also asked me to get her some as she thinks they are fab! Plus my little Sister has her eyes on them, & as she is forever asking me to paint her nails I think I will start her a little collection of these cute polishes!  

I am being completely honest here when I say this, but I cannot believe how well they apply, they're a dream come true... seriously! After applying only one coat the coverage was perfect, the brush is an ideal size & for the first time in my life I didn't get the polish all over the sides of my nails. I did apply a second coat to see if the colour was enhanced anymore, but there wasn't much difference although I prefer to wear two coats as I know the polish will stay on longer. So far I have no chipped nails either... yay! I have tried all three colours plus the top coat, however I am only featuring images of 'Heartbreaker' applied on my nails because I have 'Foiled Again' & 'Brit Pop' on my toes & no way will I ever take an up-close picture of my feet & upload it to the internet! I will say though that 'Brit Pop' is extremely similar to Technic Carnival that I featured in THIS post, which I'm sure lots of you will be glad to know as it is quite hard to track down now... plus this glitter is easier to apply, I found that it gives a more even spread of glitter. I will be featuring these two in a nail of the day post soon though & I'm looking forward to Christmas time even more so now because 'Foiled Again' seems quite festive to me!

When I opened the lovely little box Angelica had sent to me I was very excited to see the shocking pink colour, as I don't have many bright polishes, mainly pastels, but there has been a bit of a neon craze recently! I would describe this as a neon pink, as it really is very eye-catching when worn although it does have blue iridescent shimmer to it. Some people will think this is ridiculously tacky & some will love it, I actually love it alot! It's great for me because I tend to wear quite neutral clothes so this adds a pop of colour to my outfits. I applied the glossy top coat over which added a smooth finish, although I did notice the brush picked up some of the colouring, I managed to wipe it off the brush but I assume it was because the colour is so intense? Anyway it didn't happen when I applied it over the silver polish.

You can find Angelica on TwitterFacebook & their Website is currently being updated but check it out anyway :)

Do you own any of the Angelica polishes? 

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  1. I really love the look of 'brit pop' i'll have to check my primark to see if they've got any!:-)Xx

  2. These sound amazing! I'm loving Model's Own colours at the moment, just treated myself to a couple of new ones today! I really love the colour of the glitter in the Brit Pop polish, it looks gorgeous! :)

  3. Love the pink and the glitter! I've heard they're actually really good! Xx

  4. really want some of these now :) such a good review xoxo

  5. I love the glittery polishes! And the pink turned out looking really nice, really pretty shade :)
    - Rhiannon

  6. I love the glitter one! The pink is a gorgeous colour too :)

  7. I don't have any angelica polishes yet but I'm sooo tempted to pick some up after reading this, the colours you've chosen are gorgeous!
    I found your blog on the BBU blog hop by the way, following! xx
    just blog it all instead...

  8. The glitter nail polish is so beautiful! You have convinced me i need to rush out and bu it!
    Love your blog, so many amazing posts to read :)