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my week in photos #5

Dominoes pizza last night | Ready to go out in Leeds | Nandos treat with Dom, Jen & Taylor! | 
Starbucks - can't get enough of these refresha's| Dom brought me sweets to cheer me up :) | My little brother who I miss ridiculous amounts! | Got the keys to my London home | I possibly went shopping on Oxford st... OOPS! | Dom's apartment is amazing

This week I have been back & forth to London & Leeds so much! Glad it's all over now & everything has finally been sorted. Dom & I are currently in Leeds, we came back on Friday as we had a little flat warming party & then headed out in to Leeds. I had such a fab night with the some of the best people & the following day we all went back into the city to eat at Red Hot Buffet which is pretty good! Now I'm just chilling out, catching up on blog posts, drinking cups of tea & eagerly waiting for the closing ceremony to begin at 9pm! Still love the spice girls after all these years haha!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

L x

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  1. looks like hetic week!
    love yout blog btw!
    please follow me!
    im new and could go with some followers haha

  2. Lovely photos! Oxford st. woooo!x

  3. fab photos! yummy foods and drinks hehe! xx

  4. I love your phone case!
    And yes you ALWAYS have to double up on Primark bags so they don't split! :)

  5. ooh we have a red hot buffet in nottingham too, it's so tasty! always come out waddling haha your phone case is amazing! so cute! xx