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my week in photos #6

Having a dilemma in Boots over which colour to choose, I went with Bikini so Teeny | ombré hair! | the best kind of chocolate | I found my old bb case I'd decorated | tonnes of old deco pieces | New yankee candle | Cute hello kitty socks | Blue nose teddy | Pretty sunset

This week has flown by, it feels like a blur I can barely remember anything! I decided to nip into Boots with Abi on Friday to pick a few things up & treat myself to a new Essie polish... I also finally dyed my hair ombré after being undecided for so long & I really love it! It was so easy to do, does anyone want me to do a post on it? :)

I've been packing all my stuff up ready for my move back to London as my Mum is driving me down on Tuesday & I've come across all my deco things! I used to be obsessed & spent many many hours decorating my blackberry case, followed by my iPhone 3gs case & I also customized a little mirror :) I can't decide if I should sell all the pieces or carry on being creative? Is anyone interested in buying a handmade phone case off me? Or has that craze kind of got boring now? Let me know!

Dom & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary last Sunday so I took a few days away from the internet! We usually book a mini trip, but this year we really couldn't afford it so we chilled out & gave each other homemade gifts :) I always make him a gift every year as it's more personal & I enjoy researching/thinking up ideas.

I'm sorry I've been a really inconsistent blogger recently, I know I keep saying this but I can't find the time to blog! I actually miss it as I got into a good routine of having blog posts up regularly, so hopefully I'll be blogging properly again this week!

L x

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  1. I love that chocolate too :) x

  2. The top left nail varnish colours are so pretty! Such girly colours, I love them. May have to make a purchase!

    Lots of love, Alex from Bambella Blog

  3. Vanilla cupcake is def the best yankee candle ever!xx
    Samantha's Secret

  4. How did you do your ombré hair?! I'd like you to do a post on it! Xx

  5. Lovely pastel coloured post, congrats on your four year anniversary :) Kinder chocolate is so so nice, probably one of my favourites, deliciously creamy :)

    Lots of love,


  6. Both those Essie colours are lovely! How did you find your hair reacted to the bleach? I was expecting mine to be super dry but it's been done about a month and so far, so good!

    Kelsey xx

  7. Kinder <3 I bought a similar jumper from Matalan, cuuuuuuute!

    The Style Rawr!

  8. I love the handmade cases! how much would u sell them for xxx

  9. The phone decorations are soo cute, where did you get them!? :)

    Grace xx

  10. Dying over your phone case!! Make me one?? ;)

    Marie x