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wednesday wishlist #3

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Slightly different from my usual Wednesday wishlist, however I have finally sorted out a house in London & there are a couple of things I want to get to organise my room, which lead me to produce this little post :)

One - Cath Kidston bleached flower underbed storage is so pretty & perfect to store away things I don't want on display, e.g uni notes, important documents, or bedding & towels. I definitely think this is my favourite Cath Kidston pattern. I wouldn't be able to store these under my bed at uni as it's a divan but they would store neatly at the bottom of my wardrobe or under my desk! 

Two - These little heart bowls are super cute & would look lovely sat on my chest of drawers displaying my most used nail polishes or bits of jewellery.

Three - I think this little house shaped chalk board would be ideal for the kitchen, I'm forever forgettting what I need from the shops, even if I write lists, so by having a visual display like this I'm more likely to remember! Plus the other girls can add on what they need so we can all help each other out in that sense :)

Four - Meet Emmeline the brown owl! My friend Abi is obsessed with Owls, I'm pretty sure she would own an Owl if she could! Anyway I know she has one of these cushions & I really like them, Sass & Belle did have a cupcake one in store but I couldn't find it online! I'm also a massive fan of the fox cushions they sell & think they would look so sweet placed upon a bed of crisp white linen.

Five - I noticed the lightbulb in my room was bare & made a mental note to find a lampshade, unfortunately being a student this is too pricey for me at the mo, but if I was rich this would be mine! On the look out for something cheap & cheerful now... ):

Four out of the five items shown on my little wishlist are from Sass & Belle, I didn't do this on purpose I just can't resist their items! Everytime I visit the little shop in Covent Garden I have to restrain myself from spending a fortune, it's like heaven to me! Have you ever been to Sass & Belle? It's well worth a visit!

L x

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  1. aww I love little shabby chic items like this for my bedroom, especially the little heart bowls, they are gorgeous! xx

  2. All of these are so cute! I love shabby chic house stuff x

  3. I love the owl cushion! I'm currently searching for pretty things for my room at my uni house too. Everything is so expensive though :(

    I've nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award :)

    Kelsey xx

    1. ow thankyou, but i don't really understand this award.. how do they choose a winner etc!?


  4. Love the Cath Kidston storage! x

  5. That owl is sooooo cute!!

    Please, if you have the time, could you pop over to my blog and comment on my recent post 'bargain hunter' as its entered into a competition and I really want to win, lol! Much appreciated ;)


  6. Ah arn't the heart bowls cute!! Loving your blog.xx

    Samantha's Secret

  7. I bought that Owl cushion for Lucy's Birthday :-)