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(late) my week in photos #8

A little late but I am blogging from my new MacBook pro, holaaaaa!

Tasty salmon & broccoli fishcakes with salad as a 'last supper' with Doms family, before Dom & I went back to uni | A very lazy day in bed! | My pretty new iPhone case | Travelling home from Leeds in my pjs! | Champagne in Doms flat | Love my nail polish combo! | Cute little salt & pepper pots | Yummy alternative to Nandos peri peri chip salt | HUSKYBEAR <3

Today I am currently cramming my life into bags, ready for my journey back to London to start my second year of university! I am quite busy during the next couple of days, helping out as a student ambassador & also attending an event, career based! I'm planning to blog in the evenings though, I have tonnes of posts lined up, it's just having the time to sit & photograph stuff then type it all up! I've been crazy busy this Summer, doing absolutely nothing in particular, lets hope I can get blogging properly soon as I honestly enjoy it so much! A massive thank you to all who follow my blog and take the time to comment, I appreciate each and every one of you, it means a great deal to me! Reaching over 200 followers in a few months has shocked me really, I never believe that anything I publish is worthy of reading, so seeing that little number rising up slowly but surely really reassures me that somebody out there does like what they see!! :) I know follower count isn't everything though I think it is a lovely little extra that comes along with blogging. 

Finally, would you all be interested in me doing a blog post about my new MacBook? I'm undecided so let me know!

L x

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Jacket - Primark
Jumper - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Bobble Hat - Primark
Nails - Essie Bikini So Teeny & Models Own Disco Mix

Finally an outfit post! I've honestly not stopped wearing this jacket since I picked it up a couple of weeks ago in Primark, I did originally want the River Island version as I prefer the shade of khaki, yes I'm being picky over a shade & the leather look sleeves look better quality! Sadly I couldn't justify the price, I shouldn't really have bought this one either as I am SO poor atm, student life is rubbish! Even so, I am still ridiculously happy with this little jacket & I've had loads of compliments on it too!

I'm also obsessed with this jumper, again from Primark, its so comfy & I love the oversized fit. I normally buy knitwear in a few sizes bigger than my usual size but this is a size 8 & fits just how I like! I also picked up the bobble hat for only £2 as they're one of my fave things to wear. I seriously wish it was socially acceptable to wear bobble hats anywhere & everywhere because I feel I look a lot better when I wear one haha. Plus they're perfect for hiding bad hair days!

L x

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how much is your face worth?

(Apologies for the horrendous quality, stupidly took it on the front facing camera on my iPhone)

I've seen a few bloggers doing this tag & thought I'd join in as I'm curious to know how much my makeup products are worth! Most of my makeup is drugstore, as I'm a poor student *sadface* so I'm not expecting the total to be huge, but lets see...

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 'Ivory' - £8.99
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 'Fair' - £4.19
Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow 'Smokey Brown' (I use the darkest shade to fill in my brows) - £6.99
MUA Undressed Palette - £4
L'Oreal Paris Super liner - £6.49
MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara (This was actually a free gift when I placed an order ages ago!) - £18
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil - £2.99
Topshop Blush 'Powdered' - £6.00
Collection Translucent Powder - £2.99
Figs & Rouge Rambling Rose Balm - £3.00
Topshop Lipstick 'Inhibition' - £8

Total: £71.64

I actually don't think that is too bad at all, considering I've seen some totals way over £200! 

I am planning on posting my everyday makeup in a couple of days, which will show the products fully & give more details about why I use them, etc etc!

L x

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my week in photos #7

welcome back offer from Vogue | my Friday night! | hitting the vodka midweek... | 
cooked dinner for Dom & I, but it didn't look much! | Nana baked me a cupcake | Pressies for my mumma |
Cute birthday card! | My little bunny Timmy <3 | Found my A level Textiles work!

Okay, I'll admit I cheated a tiny bit this week, seeing as though I didn't do this post last Sunday I've compiled this mosaic using photos from the past two weeks! I didn't have enough photos for this week anyway, my life has been super, super boring.

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend, I've mostly been visiting family & had a roast at my Nana's this afternoon :)

L x

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wednesday wishlist #4

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven| eight | nine

Managed to quickly create a wishlist before my laptop decided to turn itself off, this is why I've been absent on the blogging scene recently even though I promised I'd be back to normal! (Also, apologies this is posting slightly after midnight, technically making it 'thursday wishlist', it doesn't sound right!)

One - A twist on the usual cross bracelets that have been popular recently.

Two - I'm in need of more costume jewellery, the two bracelets I chose are perfect for everyday wear!

Three - I wish I had bought these when they were in stock, topshop only have navy left ):

Four - The new vaseline flavour! I'm addicted to lipbalms so it'd be silly of me to not pick this one up...

Five - I've heard good stuff about the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask, my skin always feels as though it's in need of a drink so I'm considering investing in this!

Six - Can never have enough cosy jumpers for the winter & the burgundy colour is a perfect autumnal shade.

Seven - Okay I really, really, REALLY need this foundation! I swatched it in Debenhams a few weeks ago & fell in love, Dom already knows I want it for Christmas if I don't cave & buy it beforehand!

Eight - My favourite body scrub, I need to pick up another of these asap!

Nine - The Louise Gray collection at Topshop is amazing, however I was initially drawn to the beautiful glitter polishes, hurry up student loan...

L x

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