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(late) my week in photos #8

A little late but I am blogging from my new MacBook pro, holaaaaa!

Tasty salmon & broccoli fishcakes with salad as a 'last supper' with Doms family, before Dom & I went back to uni | A very lazy day in bed! | My pretty new iPhone case | Travelling home from Leeds in my pjs! | Champagne in Doms flat | Love my nail polish combo! | Cute little salt & pepper pots | Yummy alternative to Nandos peri peri chip salt | HUSKYBEAR <3

Today I am currently cramming my life into bags, ready for my journey back to London to start my second year of university! I am quite busy during the next couple of days, helping out as a student ambassador & also attending an event, career based! I'm planning to blog in the evenings though, I have tonnes of posts lined up, it's just having the time to sit & photograph stuff then type it all up! I've been crazy busy this Summer, doing absolutely nothing in particular, lets hope I can get blogging properly soon as I honestly enjoy it so much! A massive thank you to all who follow my blog and take the time to comment, I appreciate each and every one of you, it means a great deal to me! Reaching over 200 followers in a few months has shocked me really, I never believe that anything I publish is worthy of reading, so seeing that little number rising up slowly but surely really reassures me that somebody out there does like what they see!! :) I know follower count isn't everything though I think it is a lovely little extra that comes along with blogging. 

Finally, would you all be interested in me doing a blog post about my new MacBook? I'm undecided so let me know!

L x

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  1. love the iphone case... looks fab!! :)

  2. great photos!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from Sunglasses Shop if you'd like to check it out! xx

  3. Adore the iphone case - what a lovely stylish blog.

    If you could check mine out i'd really appreciate it :)

  4. Lovely iPhone case! And love the nails too.


  5. I love a good insta-collage except my photos always look crap haha, cute blog!

  6. where did you find those salt and pepper pots? they're beauuuutiful! x

    1. I think they're from next a while ago! X

  7. I also love the salt and pepper pots! And your new iPhone case :) x

  8. AHHH that phone case is Beaut!!