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my week in photos #7

welcome back offer from Vogue | my Friday night! | hitting the vodka midweek... | 
cooked dinner for Dom & I, but it didn't look much! | Nana baked me a cupcake | Pressies for my mumma |
Cute birthday card! | My little bunny Timmy <3 | Found my A level Textiles work!

Okay, I'll admit I cheated a tiny bit this week, seeing as though I didn't do this post last Sunday I've compiled this mosaic using photos from the past two weeks! I didn't have enough photos for this week anyway, my life has been super, super boring.

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend, I've mostly been visiting family & had a roast at my Nana's this afternoon :)

L x

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  1. Your bunny is so cute! And I wish I was able to do A Level textiles haha - my school didn't run it!

    Morag x

    1. hehe thankyou, i'm glad i did it but i much prefer it as a hobby! :) x

  2. Ooh, love the nail polish! :) And your bunny is SO ADORABLE! I found your blog via the BBU BLog Hop and followed! ;)

  3. can i just say your textiles work is sooo cute! x

  4. Oh my goodness your rabbit and your knitted confectionery are the cutest things ever!

  5. Love reading and looking through these types of posts :D love your A Level knitted work, looks so cute! I've always wanted to learn how to knit but i've never got round to learning yet haha

    Just stumbled across your blog through the #bbloggers #bbloghop and i'm your newest follower :D hope you'll stop by and take a wander through mine too :D