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i'm back!

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Firstly, I need to apologise for being MIA for around a month now, but for also having two 'Instagram' style posts in a row. I didn't want to return to blogging without a little update though!

So, where have I been!? The last time I posted was the day I moved back to London to begin my second year of university, but even before that I was posting quite irregularly... Since moving back to London I have been alot busier than I planned to be, plus we only had the internet installed on Tuesday night. In a nutshell I have done the following: worked as a student ambassador/been getting to know my new housemates, especially with nail painting sessions in the kitchen!/had an interview/Dom came to visit/various nights out... including Fabric!/travelled back up North/helped my little sister move to London/completed uni work & assessments/& of course I've been shopping! 

I'm currently back up North again because I had to return for a friends 21st last night (they also got engaged, cutest thing ever! I can't believe I'm at the age now where my friends are getting engaged, having babies etc!), I also went shopping with my Dad yesterday & I surprised Abi by visiting her at work! Today I've been to visit my Nana & Grandad & little brother, Harry :) had a lovely Sunday lunch! It might not seem like I've been that busy, but for some reason when I'm in London the time actually whizzes by! I got to see Dom last night for the first time in eight days, which of course I was super super super excited about & I'm really enjoying being back home. London is amazing, but it can be a really difficult place to live in, so I'm thankful to have a bit of a breather this weekend. 

Hope this post is okay as a little refresher, I have tonnes of stuff to blog about so my blog should gain some normality again over the next few weeks!

L x

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  1. the mirrorball polishes are stunning!!! x

  2. love the shoes! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!