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LUSH golden wonder bath bomb

Golden Wonder - £3.25

Lush products are perfect for pampering yourself with on a lazy Sunday afternoon, whether it's using one of their fresh face masks or dropping a fizzing bath bomb into a warm bath! I decided to have a browse in Lush a couple of weeks ago after hearing the Christmas range had launched in store as I wanted to experience the excitement everyone seemed to have for these products! Of course I was absolutely spoilt for choice & spent ages umming & ahhing over which item to purchase, in the end I chose Golden Wonder & a small bottle of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, but I am already planning my next Lush purchase...

Golden Wonder is a parcel shaped bomb with a fresh citrus smell, of orange, cognac & lime oils, that leaves a fruity scent lingering around the room. An extra to this christmassy treat is the rattle of a surprise inside, we are all guilty of shaking our gifts to try & guess whats it might be, right!? 

When I dropped it under running water it began dissolving & fizzing into golden bubbles, which soon turned into a purple & blue mix of colour.

Finally, the bath bomb had finished fizzing away & released lots of tiny golden stars & plenty of glittery shimmer. 

My skin has been left lovely & smooth, with no glittery sparkles left behind in my bath or on my skin! I will definitely be stocking up on a few of these before the Christmas season is over, have you tried anything from the Christmas range?

L x

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  1. I gave this one to my sister last year for Christmas! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  2. These are so good for christmas presents. I like to get a selection of their products and make git boxes for my friends:)

  3. This sounds lovely, one of the few Christmas bombs I've not used yet actually x

  4. havent had one of those for ages :D looks so nice