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my week in photos #12

Costa this morning | Reindeer at Covent Garden! | Covent Garden Christmas tree! (: |
First GBK, so yummy! | Waiting for Dom to arrive | Christmas slippers from Primark |
Lola's cupcake | Regent St Christmas lights | Interview prep in bed with chocolate toast & tea

This week has honestly been crazy, I've been so so busy, overwhelmed with uni work & various other things! My photos seem to have a slight Christmassy theme, London is so festive I've loved visiting different areas this week & seeing all the decorations! Dom & two of our friends came to London this weekend & I also went to the Crystal Castles gig in Brixton last night, Alice Glass you are crazy!! Probably the best gig of my life though, even if I did have to be lifted out the crowd by security after the first song, clearly not my 15 year old self anymore who could handle insane crowds! 

Sorry for the Instagram posts being so close to each other this week, time is not my friend at the moment & they're so quick to compile. I should get a spare few minutes this week to try & organise myself as I actually have loads to blog about! (:

L x

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  1. London looks so lovely at Christmas time! Aww the reindeers look so cute xx
    Peavhes and Pugs

  2. That burger looks amazing! x

  3. Oh I love the reindeer. Total big on Christmas! Your hair is looking amazing and I'm in to the primark slippers, look so cosy! xx

  4. Your photos are so christmassy. I wish I felt remotely christmassy!