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ciate mini mani month - week 2

(L-R) Vintage, Mistress, Ladylike Luxe, Bumble Bee, Twilight, Glass Slipper, Speed Dial

Here is what I found hiding behind the little doors of my Ciate calendar between the 8th & 14th!

December 8th: 'Vintage' - It is showing up more grey toned on my images, but I would say it has undertones of a deep green. 
December 9th: 'Mistress' - Definitely a classic pillar box red, it's pretty hard to find the perfect shade of red but I think this might be it!
December 10th: 'Ladylike Luxe' - A shimmery gold, a true festive colour!
December 11th: 'Bumble Bee' - Golden yellow & black caviar pearls create a cute bumble bee style, not a huge fan of this combination but it does go nicely with Ladylike Luxe, so perhaps I could do an accent nail.
December 12th: 'Twilight' -  A black polish filled with lots of glittery gold sparkles.
December 13th: 'Glass Slipper' - This is one of the shades exclusive to the mani month, a beautiful bright blue glitter, layer this over a baby blue polish & it will create a icy looking nail!
December 14th: 'Speed Dial' - Quite a summery shade, a creamy coral with orange & pink tones. This polish looks completely different in real life in comparison with the images on the Ciate website.

This week my favourite has got to be Glass Slipper, but I also love Vintage as it is such a unique shade, I've personally never seen a polish like it before! What polish is your favourite?
To see what polishes I received during week 1 of advent click here (:

L x

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  1. I so want to try ciate nail polishes! They seem amazing :)x

  2. I love Twilight - I know my best friend got this calendar - I can't wait to start stealing her shades!

  3. I love the Twilight shade and bumble bee :)
    Daniella x

  4. Woweee, they're so pretty, especially 'glass slipper'!

  5. Hey nice blog, found you through BBloggers xo

  6. Such beautiful colours. So gutted I didnt get my hands on this advent calendar :(