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ciate mini mani month - week 3

(L-R) Headliner, Big Yellow Taxi, Power Dressing, Candyshop, Cookies and Cream, Magic Carpet, Fade to Greige

Here is what I found hiding behind the little doors of my Ciate calendar between the 15th & 21st!

December 15th: 'Headliner' - A mix of blue & green tones form this vibrant turquoise shade.
December 16th: 'Big Yellow Taxi' - Ridiculously bold sunshine yellow polish, perfectly named after the famous yellow NYC taxis!
December 17th: 'Power Dressing' - A very deep & dark navy blue coloured polish in a creme finish.
December 18th: 'Candyshop' - Caviar pearls in teal blue, rusty orange & fuschia colour scheme
December 19th: 'Cookies and Cream' - Pastel nude shade, almost bicuit like with undertones of taupe & grey.
December 20th: 'Magic Carpet' - The second exclusive polish, a magenta pink glitter, I'm wearing it over the top of 'Cutie Pie' in this picture!
December 21st: 'Fade to Greige' - This polish is a violet toned grey, almost a taupe shade.

To see what polishes I received during week 1 of advent click here (:
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My favourite this week is Cookies and Cream! What is your favourite?

L x

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  1. Some amazing colours! Love 'Candyshop' and 'Magic Carpet' they're great! xxx

  2. The first two colours are amazing!



  3. Cookies and Cream is such a lovely shade! I'd love to try Candyshop as well xxxx

  4. I love the Cookies and Cream shade, the perfect nude!

  5. love the headliners shade! i wish i'd bought this calender!

  6. ohh thisis amazing! I would have loved this calender! x

  7. so many ppl had that ciate advent calendar!! I want one too next year!! :)