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LUSH snow fairy shower gel

Snow Fairy is a pretty pink shower gel containing sprinkles of blue iridescent glitter and has the yummiest scent I've ever come across! A sweet mix of candy floss and pear drops really does remind me of my childhood, as implied on the bottle. I picked up the 100g to see what the fuss was all about. Only a tiny amount is needed to create lots of lather and bubbles and seriousy soft, soft skin! The best thing about this product? Throughout the day I regularly get hints of the delicious smell. It manages to remain on your skin, even after it's all washed away! The worst thing about this product? It's only available during the festive period! & the price makes me slightly sad, but it's okay because hopefully Santa will bring me a full size version! Also, if you're more of a bath kinda person, don't worry, you can still experience the Snow Fairy magic in the form of the reusable star shaped bubble bar - Magic Wand

Have you tried Snow Fairy? What is your favourite Christmas LUSH product?

L x

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  1. K love this, imagine how much money they'd make if it was available all year! x

  2. This is popping up all over now its Christmas. Im not so sure about it but my boyfriend loves it!



  3. I love this shower gel!
    Love your blog.
    Rachael x