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christmas day 2012

Christmas tree | Cutest Pug giftcard | Doms presents wrapped up

Christmas Eve cupcake decorating with my Sister | Mince pie baking | Christmas Day Bucks Fizz!

Vintage Reindeer Christmas jumper! | Mini Christmas Yankee candles | Christmas Day lace top

My gifts from my Mum, Nana & Grandad, My Sister Hannah, Dom, Doms family & Abi

I spent Christmas Eve baking mince pies & decorating cupcakes with my youngest sister, followed by painting my nails all festive with my final Ciate polish, a sparkly red glitter! Then I watched the Made in Chelsea Christmas special with my other sister Hannah, who I swear is Sophia's long lost twin! On Christmas morning we got woken up by our sister Leah at 6:30am, to go & see if Father Christmas had been. After opening all of our presents we feasted on a breakfast of chocolate & sweets, the only day of the year when it's acceptable! Around 9am my Dad & little brother FaceTimed us from Turkey, it was kinda surreal seeing sunshine on Christmas day! My Mum was in charge of cooking the dinner, we had a choice of prawn cocktail with smoked salmon or freshly baked bread rolls with pate for starters, I had a bit of both! The best bit was the Turkey roast dinner, complete with pigs in blankets & sausage meat stuffing, yum! I was way too full after all of that so I skipped pudding, but the rest of the family tucked into either Christmas Pudding or Sticky Toffee Pudding. In the afternoon Dom came to pick me up so we could spend Christmas evening together, swapping gifts & keeping our tradition of playing monopoly! 

Link me to your Christmas posts please, I love knowing how other people celebrate Christmas! (:

L x

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  1. OMG!! The Spice Girls movie! I didn't know you could get that on DVD, I need it haha! x

  2. Amazing gifts! Lots of S&G I see- lucky! xx

  3. Aw how lovely - you have some great gifts there!

    Lela -

  4. Aww you got some amazing gifts and those penguin slippers are soo cute xx

  5. Spice girls movie yay!!! And that's the Zara bag in the back right? Love that :)

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas!

    Happy New Year to you :)

    Hollie xx

    1. yeah it's the Zara bag! (: the photo quality is rubbish!
      happy new year hollie xxx

  6. sounds like you had a fab christmas! great post :) xo