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brick lane haul

Levi Shorts - £18 | Baby blue jumper - £18 | Tartan blazer - £24

On Saturday Dom & I popped to Brick Lane as I wanted to have a little look in some of the shops. Whenever I go with my friends or sister they always end up finding some beautiful gems & I decided it was about time I stopped being lazy & actually had a proper root through to see what was hiding away! I went into a few shops along the way, whilst heading for Beyond Retro. At first I was ridiculously disappointed with Beyond Retro, but I am so so glad I gave it a second chance & had another look. When I laid my eyes on the tartan blazer I knew it had to be mine, I've wanted one for so long but missed out on the River Island one. I tried it on straight away & although it's a little big on the arms it's my favourite thing ever! I know it's probably not to everyones taste, but it looks much better in real life & I think it'll be so handy for spring/summer when it's warmer & there is no need for a proper coat (thats if we get a decent summer this year!). Dom then suggested looking at the 50% off rail, which I thought would be full of rubbish but he picked out the cute baby blue jumper for me & as it was only £10 I couldn't leave it behind! My aim of visiting Brick Lane was to buy some new denim shorts as my old ones have shrunk & too much bum cheek is visible... Beyond Retro didn't have much choice so I headed to Blitz which is another huge vintage store & I was lucky enough to find the Levi 501's in not only the colour I've been after but also my size! I was told I'd struggle to find smaller sizes on Brick Lane as they sell fast! Blitz seem to always have 10% off if you present a flyer to them when purchasing & you're pretty much guaranteed to be given one whilst walking down Brick Lane! I thought £18 was a really good price for Levi high waisted shorts as I paid £30 for a pair of the Topshop version a few years ago & on eBay they often sell for alot more. 

Have you ever been to Brick Lane before? What are your favourite vintage finds!?

L x


  1. I am in love with the blue jumper ! and i have the same levi shorts, i wear them all the time :)

  2. Wow great finds! Can't believe you managed to find those shorts! xo

  3. i've never been to brick lane before and i really want to go ! that jumper is so so cute

    hope you'll visit back

  4. I love Beyond Retro! :)
    The shorts and jumper are my fave!
    I always have charity shop and car boot sale haul posts up!