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soap & glory scrub 'em and leave 'em body buff

Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em is a pastel pink scrub with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk, apart from the Smoothie Star body milk scent I think this scrub has my favourite Soap & Glory smell. I'd never have guessed there was blackcurrant in this product, I'm pretty awful at describing scents but it smells really fresh, but very sweet and quite girly. I think this scrub is very gentle compared to the others that I have used, Flake Away & Sugar Crush, perhaps why it's labelled as a body buff instead. The darker pink particles are little sugar beads that dissolve pretty quickly when I buff it in small circular motions, which is unlike other scrubs that tend to leave you feeling a bit gritty until you've rinsed them away. It kinda feels like you're polishing your skin with this scrub rather than scrubbing it and having a proper exfoliate but it still leaves your skin super smooth and moisturised. 

Do you have a favourite Soap & Glory scrub?

L x

barry m gelly hi shine nail paints | blueberry, prickly pear & pomegranate

(L-R Blueberry, Prickly Pear, Pomegranate)

Barry M used to be a firm favourite with me, I owned quite a few of their pastel "ice cream" polishes and got very excited when they launched their Crackle Nail Effect polish. I then got carried away with an array of other nail polish brands and Barry M got left behind until now. I was looking for a lilac shade as it seems to be the only colour I don't own in my ridiculous collection! I had a browse in Boots and noticed there was a 3 for 2 offer on the Barry M range. 

Blueberry grabbed my attention straight away as it reminded me of Essie's Bikini so Teeny and considering I've gone through over half the bottle I decided to pick it up as a sort of back up! Prickly Pear is a pretty lilac tone, just what I was after and Pomegranate, although showing up as more of bright red here it is actually a pinky toned red. The polishes apply nicely and the shine is instant, you could easily get away without a top coat. Blueberry and Pomegranate can be worn with only one coat, but prickly pear needed an extra one as it wasn't quite opaque. Overall I love these polishes, they're a decent price, the glossy finish is amazing and the wear time is pretty good too!

Have you got any of the Barry M Gelly polishes?

L x

my real techniques brush collection

Real Techniques brushes have been hanging around the beauty blogging scene for a good year now and I have my very own collection which I'm gradually building up. The brushes are made from Taklon bristles, meaning they are cruelty free as it's a synthetic material, yet they are still soft and not harsh to skin. The handle is aluminium making them lightweight along with the name printed on one side of the brush providing a quick reference point if required! The brushes are colour coded to highlight the steps of makeup application, although a lot of the brushes are multi-use and can often be switched around for various products. The orange coloured ones represent 'flawless base', purple 'enhanced eyes' and the pink ones can be used for a 'perfect finish'. 

Core Collection: These were the first RT brushes I heard about which lead to me purchasing them. The best brush from this set is the buffing brush, which I use to apply foundation. It 'buffs' in the product evenly giving me flawless coverage. The contour brush is what I use to apply my blusher, it's a good size to ensure the product only goes where I want it to and that way I won't end up looking like a clown! I don't tend to use the pointed foundation brush to apply foundation because I think it's way too small and would take me forever, however it is really handy for blending in concealer. The final brush in the set is the detailer brush, it can be used to apply lipstick or I use it to add eyeshadow along my bottom lashes if I want a smokey eye.

Starter Set: My Mum got me these for Christmas as I've started to get into wearing more eyeshadow and I wanted some brushes to help me get to grips with creating a smokey eye look! I have two favourites from this set, the base shadow brush and the deluxe crease brush. As the name suggests I use the base shadow brush to apply eyeshadow all over my lid and then swap to the deluxe crease brush for blending. 

Stippling Brush: Similar to the buffing brush it's amazing for applying foundation as again it buffs and blends the product in to achieve a perfect base. 

Powder Brush: This big fluffy brush is ideal for sweeping over a light dusting of powder to complete your makeup. The hand cut dome shaped bristles help to achieve a flawless finish, as the powder is spread evenly across your makeup.

I want to pick up the setting brush next, to apply powder highlight with and the expert face brush always grabs my attention too! I really don't know what I did before I owned these brushes, I actually get excited to apply my makeup each morning knowing I have amazing tools to use! Real Technique brushes are amazing value for money, especially if you compare them to other brands such as MAC where you can pay over £20 for one brush, but can pick up the core collection or starter set for just £21.99.

Have you got any Real Techniques brushes?

L x

wednesday wishlist #9

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Topshop Print Shirtdress: When I saw this dress I instantly loved it, but then I saw the price and fell out of love with it just as quick. The print is kinda crazy but there is something that draws me to it! I think shirt dress can be really flattering and this would look lovely in the Spring with my bowler hat, loafers and ankle socks!

Mickey Mouse Moleskine Notebook: I had a Moleskine diary last year and stupidly forgot to repurchase another this year and being the weirdo that I am I can't bring myself to buy one and start it in February leaving January empty! I'd feel like it's a waste! This little notebook is so cute though and it's always handy to have one in my bag.

Topshop Lip Crayon's: I haven't tried a lip crayon and because I love Topshop lipsticks so much I'm keen to see what these are like!

ASOS Scallop Bag: How pretty is this bag!? It reminded me of the Mulberry Bayswater Cookie range and it's also available in blue or a larger version in lilac or tan

Gold Heart Thumb Ring: Slowly building up a collection of tiny gold rings and this cute one would fit right in! (:

L x

january favourites

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk - Moisturising is no longer a chore for me and to say that is quite an achievement! Smoothie Star has a lovely light formula & smells divine which really encourages me to stop being so lazy and moisturise every day. 

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo - I absolutely hate having blackheads & excess oil around my nose and chin, but I've never really found anything that is good at combating this problem. I've been using this morning and night after I've cleansed & toned & I've honestly seen amazing results. My pores are refined and seem to be less clogged up than usual, plus Effaclar Duo is great as a makeup base. 

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint 'Prickly Pear' - I'd been after a pastel lilac nail polish for ages as it seemed to be the only colour missing from my ridiculous collection and when I saw Barry M had a 3 for 2 offer I decided to try the Hi Shine Gel Effect polishes that a few beauty gurus had raved about! The polish applies well and definitely has a glossy shine to it, which is achieved with only one coat although I do prefer two because the colour isn't opaque enough.  

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation '010 Light Porcelain' - My Revlon PhotoReady foundation is almost finished and I needed a cheaper foundation to use everyday rather than my YSL touche eclat foundation so when I saw this for only £5 I couldn't leave it behind. The shade is a really good match for my ghostly complexion, coverage is medium and it has a dewy finish, all features I look for in a foundation!

LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub - Religiously found myself reaching for this handy little scrub throughout January. My lips have been so thankful for this delicious product!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic - This little tonic spritzer was included in the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish set I picked up in John Lewis a few weeks ago. I use this after I've cleansed my face with C&P by spraying some on to a cotton pad and wiping it all over my face. My skin feels refreshed and revitalised, ready for the next stage of my skincare & makeup application if I'm using it in the morning.

What are your January favourites?

L x

valentines day gift guide

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With Valentines Day around the corner I thought I would have a little look at what the shops are offering this year. I know some people think it's a silly day, but I quite like having another excuse to treat Dom! We usually give each other handmade gifts, which I personally prefer, although we often get a little extra something too. My favourite thing from my picks is the Blue Nose pug teddy, it's so adorable! I also love love love the gold heart locket & the LUSH bath goodies. If Dom & I lived together I would decorate the place with the red heart bunting, burn lots of tea lights & cook our favourite meal. I don't really think we are a soppy couple but every now & again it's nice to do something a bit different from usual!

Have you got a Valentine this year or will you be treating yourself to anything!?

L x