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valentines day gift guide

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With Valentines Day around the corner I thought I would have a little look at what the shops are offering this year. I know some people think it's a silly day, but I quite like having another excuse to treat Dom! We usually give each other handmade gifts, which I personally prefer, although we often get a little extra something too. My favourite thing from my picks is the Blue Nose pug teddy, it's so adorable! I also love love love the gold heart locket & the LUSH bath goodies. If Dom & I lived together I would decorate the place with the red heart bunting, burn lots of tea lights & cook our favourite meal. I don't really think we are a soppy couple but every now & again it's nice to do something a bit different from usual!

Have you got a Valentine this year or will you be treating yourself to anything!?

L x


  1. lovely picks I'd definitely be happy with these things :) Yankee Fresh Cut Roses is so perfect for valentines day x

  2. I love this post! And I completely agree with you - if I had a flat with my boyfriend, I would go all out and decorate the place too for Valentines Day :') xx

  3. Naww cute stuff! Also, I just noticed you look alot like Zoella in your photo up in the top right haha!

    1. Thank youuu & oh my god I can't believe you think I look like Zoella! That is such a massive compliment to me haha she is absolutely beautiful, I honestly don't look like her at all, but thank you anyway aha :):) x

  4. I have Jem and it's such a lovely polish x

  5. Those are all really cute! And that Topshop Nail polsih looks a-mazinggggg :-D

    Rachel x x

  6. Aww you've picked some lovely bits! :)
    I did a Valentines day post too but found it quite hard as I always get my boyfriend personal gifts, or stuff I know he wants!