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my week in photos #16

staying in bed & painting my nails | pretty flowers | my attempt at making revision nicer | 
the nicest cupcakes in the world, lola's! | my new Gemma Correll pug book | easter time | 
my baby bunny Timmy | Dom made me american style pancakes with golden syrup & strawberries... mmm | my fave outfit atm

As I've not been very thorough with my blogging over the past few months I thought I would pick a few of my favourite Instagram snaps and compile this post as a little update as I have a little Instagram series on my blog anyway! I like to document the little things in life, as they're easily forgotten about & I know I will be so glad I've done this in years to come when I decide I want to reminisce.

Today has been such an exciting day as Dom found out he has got a job for when he graduates, meaning he will be moving ALOT closer to London!! This will make my life so so SO much easier, as long distance relationships are pretty horrible & travelling time will be reduced from over 4 hours on a coach to around 1 hour on a train! I'm so proud of him he's done incredibly well throughout his degree & finally his hard work has paid off (: we celebrated by going out for lunch & having a little walk around London whilst the sun was out.

I'm still in revision mode really, my first exam is only 10 days away & I'm so so unprepared right now. I'm going to try blog every few days though when I need a break from my studies... however I'm basically the queen of procrastination, honestly I'd be achieving a first if I studied procrastination haha! Anywaaaaay hope you all have a lovely weekend (:

L x


  1. The pancakes look amazing x

  2. I am exactly the same when it comes to procrastination, if only there was an actual degree in it, I'd join you with the first class honours (; I'm finding it so hard to revise so I feel your pain - it's definitely the most boring part of studying. xx

  3. you think YOU'RE the queen of procrastination!! You haven't met me ;)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. Gorgeous flowers! Those Lola cupcakes look delicious too x