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black & white stripey dress

Dress - Motel
Denim Shirt - Topshop
Bowler Hat - ASOS
Gold Chain - h&m
Gold Heart Ring - River Island
Shoes - Topshop

This is a little outfit I wore when Dom & I went for brunch at the breakfast club in Spitalfields. I love this Motel dress so much, it's slightly oversized on me & I'm wearing an XS but I actually really like the way it fits. Usually oversized style dresses look awful on me because I'm so small I look drowned but this is so flattering. I put the denim shirt over the top but it was such a nice day weather wise I didn't really need it. I keep meaning to pick up a denim jacket though, I don't really like using this shirt as a jacket, it just doesn't look how I want it to!

Dom took these photos in my grim little backyard at my student house, I wanted to go somewhere else but I totally forgot when we were out that day so it had to do! I wish I had more confidence to get street style kinda snaps but I'd feel like a massive idiot... any tips!?

L x


  1. i have this dress but from topshop - i love it! xxx

  2. Love the bowler hat on you. I cannot pull off hats to save my life!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  3. You look amazing :) you shouldn't feel like an idiot taking photos in the street... when you see someone having their photo taken in the street you don't think "what a fool" or anything nasty, you think "ooh I wonder what they're doing" and even if people do think something nasty, who cares, you don't know them so they don't matter :).

    Advice from someone who has never done a outfit post or had my photo taken for my blog ever haaa.

    Also, your hair looks nice! I had to dye over my ombre, what was left of it anyway after most of my hair snapped off!

    Vicky xo

  4. I love the dress. I filmed an outfit of the day video in Edinburgh once and it was so awkward! Best to just go for it x

  5. That necklace is so pretty! You have great taste ;)

  6. I LOVE THAT DRESS! I've wanted it for so long but my spending ban is stopping me :( looks so lovely.

  7. this outfit is perfect!! <3
    love your style x

  8. Great Blog!