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lush treats

Now I work full time 9-6 every day I am so so tired & literally have no time to myself, so when I got off the train at Waterloo & spotted the Lush store I headed straight there to pick up a few treats! All I knew was I wanted some pretty looking, sweet smelling bath bombs to be able to relax in a hot bubbly bath in the evenings after a long day. Also I felt it was completely necessary to buy some bath treats as I've moved to a flat where I finally feel comfortable actually having a bath... living in a mouse-infested/messy/smelly student house I just couldn't bring myself to sit in the grim looking bath, no matter how much bleach or cleaning products I used there was just no way!

I chose Tisty Tosty, Butterball & Creamy Candy. I told the sales assistant I was after a vanilla scented bath bomb so she directed me to Butterball which is filled with cocoa butter too, perfect to protect my skin. Tisty Tosty was recommended to me by the sales assistant, I'm not usually a fan of floral scented products but this isn't too overpowering & the super cute heart shape filled with little rosebuds won me over anyway! Finally creamy candy bubble bar is a Lush item I've wanted to try for so long but because I'm not a bath person I've never got round to it! The scent is quite similar to Snow Fairy my all time favourite shower gel (still got a mini backup of this!) but a little more vanilla-ry, an added bonus! Now I've got to decide which one to use first... Has anyone tried any of these bath treats!?

I'm off to go finish making the roast dinner for Dom & I, then it is time for Tilly's evening walk & bath! Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday evening!

L x