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motel vintage paisley print penny dress

(moody bitch face haha)
Cardigan - Primark
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

wah how pretty is this dress? I won't lie, I've worn it SO much but I just love it!! I'd been after something paisley for a while, mainly a shirt but most of them seemed to be in dark colours & I wanted to inject some colour into my wardrobe so when I spied this on the Motel it was literally love at first sight. It's an oversized smock dress, a style that can look absolutely hideous on my small frame but Motel seem to have got something right with the sizing because this is just the perfect amount of oversized-ness (is that a word?). Other smock dresses I've tried completely drowned me & looked really unflattering, I'm looking at you ASOS, so I'm really pleased I found one that fits nicely! I possibly own the exact style in 3 different prints now, oops. The cardigan is the fluffy primark one that is a current blogger fave atm, it's amazing though, super fluffy & cosy, perfect for snuggling in when it's coldddd! Dom says I'm like a teddy bear when I wear it haha. I've worn this dress on a night out with black wedges & lil ankle socks (sorry the pic is sooo bad) but also casual with flats or sandals. Also a little bit of topic from the outfit but I'm so pleased with my hair atm. I was going through a stage of hating it because it was in the worst condition ever & I couldn't cope it was just awful but I decided to be strict with my haircare routine & it's never looked better! Thank you Philip Kingsley Elasticizer,  you life/hair saver!! Anywayssss I'll probably do a post on that this week, I'm off to prepare the Sunday roast for us now (:
L x

rimmel scandaleyes shadow paint

I am the ultimate noob when it comes to applying eyeshadow, I don't know if it's the shape of my eyes or me just being incapable of doing a good job but I can never achieve a smokey eye. I've been trying out various different eyeshadow products recently to try build up my application skills & so far I've managed to work with cream shadows reasonably well, MAC Bare Study Paint Pot being one of my favourites. Scandaleye Shadow Paints are a new release from Rimmel which seem to have been really popular in the beauty blog world so of course when I spotted them on offer in Boots it was inevitable I would be walking to the till with one without a second thought! Whilst the shade range isn't great at all really, consisting of only five options that aren't the most wearable it's probably for the best because my bank balance would be doing a little cry right now! Rich Russet is a bronzey, chocolate brown kinda shade which I really, really like & can see this being the most popular shade. Application is easy peasy, with the long doe foot I coat my eyelid then use a blending brush to buff it in to hide any harsh lines & create a smokey effect.  The formula is thick & creamy, it feels quite cool & refreshing but dries quickly so you don't have long to work with it if you want to do some blending. Once it has set though it literally will not budge, Rimmel aren't kidding when they say it's crease-proof with upto 8 hours of wear time! I've been wearing Rich Russet everyday recently, it actually looks like I've spent some time on my eye makeup when only one product has been used to achieve a smokey eye!

L x

mad hatters tea room

At the weekend Dom & I drove up North with Tilly to see our family & friends, so I arranged to meet up with Abi on the Saturday. We decided to visit the new tea room that had opened in our local village so we could catch up whilst sipping tea from china cups & nibble on cute little biscuits. It was possibly the cutest place I've ever been. Decorated with a baby pink & blue theme the little cafe was filled with pastel coloured tables & chairs covered in polka dot table clothes, vintage signs hanging on the walls & a shabby chic dresser filled with lots of sweet little gifts like cake tins, teapots, homemade jams, cute napkins & other kitchen bits & bobs! I felt so inspired & it's made me even more excited to decorate my own kitchen in a similar theme one day! I can't wait to go back when we are in the area again. Have a look at Abi's blog post about Mad Hatters & her Instagram has some pretty photos of the day too! (:

L x

l'oreal skin perfection micellar solution

I mentioned in this post that the L'Oreal Micellar water is an alternative to the highly raved about Bioderma, I'd actually go as far as saying it's a dupe as it really is that similar. Applied in exactly the same way by soaking a couple of cotton pads with the solution & sweeping it all over your skin it removes makeup & other impurities in a matter of seconds. The water-like consistency dissolves makeup as it claims, although I don't think it's quite as good as Bioderma is at removing eye makeup & on the odd occasion it has made my eyes sting slightly. It is really refreshing to use as it literally feels like cold water so it leaves your skin feeling toned & soothed, again identical to Bioderma. I'm not a fan of the packaging at all, I just prefer the round Bioderma bottle & again as mentioned with Bioderma, I tend to waste a lot of the water because it pours out too quickly & drips everywhere! However for a product that does an almost identical job for a fraction of the price & can be located on the high street easily I will probably repurchase this again & again!

Have you tried this Micellar water?

L x

rimmel match perfection foundation

UK lifestyle blogger UK beauty blogger review swatch rimmel match perfection foundation

Rimmel Match Perfection is a foundation that claims to give traceless coverage for perfectly flawless skin under any light, that lasts all day & contains SPF 18. It is enhanced with Blue Sapphire to achieve an illuminating glow. Out of the 11 available shades I opted for the palest one available 'Light Porcelain' a pale pink toned colour which I was pleasantly surprised to find as it's always a struggle finding a match for my skintone. The consistency is quite thin but still covers blemishes, redness & gives an even finish. I have used both my hands & various brushes to apply this foundation with, however I'm going through a stage where I prefer finger application over brushes since developing an obsession with Mary Greenwell, she makes applying makeup look effortless! It does apply nicely with both techniques though, it blends really well & is easy to build up if necessary. This foundation gives you ultimate ghost face though if you wear it on a night out because of the SPF so I keep this for daytime wear. It's not ideal for transitioning a makeup look from day to night anyway because the lasting power isn't as good as it suggests to be & needs touching up after a while! However it is one of my top high street foundations & have already gone through two bottles since January.

Have you tried this foundation?

L x

wednesday wishlist #12

UK lifestyle blogger UK beauty blogger wishlist joules sponsored post

A few of my favourite picks from the Joules selection at John Lewis. The navy silk scarf printed with pretty floral blooms & birds is a great way to add a pop of print to a simple outfit as the winter months are approaching & it'd work well with the almond chunky cable knit jumper. The trench coat is a classic, simple & stylish yet always making a reappearance each season, a true wardrobe staple! I need a tan handbag in my life, the tote is an ideal size for carrying around my MacBook, plus there are plenty of compartments to store bits & bobs in without losing them in the depths of the main compartment. Seriously how cute are the dog print wellies!? These would be perfect for when I walk Tilly in the horrible weather conditions we are experiencing at the moment!

L x

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dove nourishing oil care leave-in conditioning spray

UK lifestyle blogger UK beauty blogger review swatch dove nourishing oil care leave-in conditioning spray

Dove isn't a brand I'd opt for when it comes to haircare, I guess because they're more famous for their soap & shower gels they just never crossed my mind! However watching one of Emma's videos I saw her use this spray & I was intrigued to see what it was like.

The spray consists of a dual formula which contains an oil & a serum. The oil layer is a blend of almond, coconut & argan oils and the Fibre Actives serum helps to repair damage & restore moisture. As there are two separate layers to this product the bottle needs shaking to mix them together. Once it's all shaken up you can apply it onto dry or wet hair & then you're good to leave it to do its job - no rinsing is required afterwards. I tend to use it when I have towel dried my hair but I also spritz a little all over in between washes. I mainly focus on the ends as they need the most help when it comes to nourishment & defrizzing, I then brush it through to spread the product evenly & make my hair silky soft. I used it twice a day whilst I was on holiday in Turkey to stop my hair getting too dried out in the sun & from the chlorine. The formula is lightweight so it doesn't feel like there is a tonne of product in your hair, even if you do get spritz-happy & go over board (guilty of this because I can't get enough of the smell!!). In general it works well at reducing frizziness & keeps my hair feeling nice & smooth. As much as I love what the product does to my hair, my favourite thing about it is the smell. If you like Love Heart sweets then I can guarantee you'll be a fan - it smells identical!

I'm not sure this will help fix my hair in the long run, but for instant nourishment & moisture it's pretty amazing! It's a super cheap alternative to Moroccan Oil in my opinion at under £4 securing itself a firm place in my haircare routine for a good while yet!

L x

holiday photo diary #2

Driving down to Olu Deniz

 Turkish puffy breads are so goooood
 Baby bunnies in one of the restaurants! Sooo cute (:
One of the plushies I wanted to bring back for Tilly!

Final load of photos from my trip to Turkey to see my Dad & Brother. I'm missing the 30+ degree heat but it is nice to be home with Dom & Tilly pug! 

L x

topshop lipstick | beguiled

I love a dark lipstick & beguiled is my absolute favourite ever. I bought this last Autumn, with plans to blog about it sooner but life got in the way & here I am posting it almost a year later, oh well! 

Beguiled has a satin matte finish, but unlike the MAC matte finishes the formula doesn't drag when you apply it on your lips & it isn't as drying either. It's a deep wine colour, which can be daunting to look at in the bullet but when it's applied to the lips a beautiful berry shade. It's also pretty buildable so it's easy to achieve a muted version of a dark autumnal lip if you're nervous of wearing a bold shade! Plum/Wine lipsticks tend to really suit pale/fair skin, I find it's the perfect shade to flatter my skintone. Beguiled is my most worn lipstick, for me it's the most perfect Autumn/Winter shade & I'm actually glad it's almost acceptable to wear this kinda shade again during the day rather than it being limited to evenings, yay for Autumn. I'm looking to invest in more dark toned lipsticks, as surprisingly its the shade I feel most comfortable wearing. Before I bought this shade I was quite nervous to wear dark lipsticks & originally opted for Inhibition because on the lips it doesn't appear as dark due to the plum tones, it's more pinky rather than red however I'm rarely ever reach for this over Beguiled now! 

The designs on the Topshop Makeup packaging are cute, with the hand drawn squiggles, polka dots & writing but overall it isn't ideal. The matte white plastic stains really easily so it doesn't look clean even when you wipe & it also chips away, the state of mine is awful now, it's so messy! The quality of the actual lip product is really high quality though & would agree with many other bloggers when they say the quality matches MAC. I think my next Topshop Lipstick purchase will either be Depth or Hazard but I may opt for a pink or nude if anyone has any suggestions!? 

Do you have a favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick?