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You might have noticed the new Three Mobile advert on TV that features a pug wearing a knitted birthday cake hat to promote the launch of their 3-2-1 pay as you go tariff. As I have my own cute little pug I was asked to take part in the campaign & answer a few questions!

I don't really like picking favourite songs but I have a few that I could never get bored of, no matter how many times I have them on repeat!

Howlin' For You - The Black Keys 
Well Limitless is probably one of my favourite films & this song makes me happy!

Get Lucky - Daft Punk
Anything by Daft Punk is good in my eyes, Get Lucky was such a summer tune but I know I will still be listening to it for months!

Say My Name - Cyril Hahn
An amazing remix of Say My Name by Destiny's Child, Cyril is incredible at creating music, go have a listen (:

This was really tough for me, as London is my favourite city ever & living there for 2 years gave me a lot of opportunities to explore & discover new places to go. To be honest I love London as a whole from walking along the Kings Road in Chelsea pretending I'm rich to searching through the rails in the east end vintage shops found on Brick Lane, fighting my way through the busy crowds on Oxford St or venturing around Camden Market, having picnics along the canal at Victoria park or enjoying the festivities going on at winter wonderland in Hyde Park, watching the entertainers perform in Covent Garden or avoiding pigeon poop at Trafalgar Square, watching the London Eye rotating at snail pace whilst standing by the River Thames or even popping by to wave to Liz at Buckingham Palace, it really is the best city in the world to me!

I know I cheated here & uploaded more than two London photos but I couldn't help myself! I will say though that currently somewhere I always recommend is Portobello Market on a Saturday. Portobello Road is lined with pastel coloured houses, vintage treasures, freshly baked pastries & cakes & beautiful bouquets of flowers, it's a lovely place to look around! Another of my favourite London locations is a night out in Shoreditch, you'll find plenty of trendy cocktail bars & clubs that play decent music (in my opinion!) without the hassle you can be exposed to at bigger night clubs in central!

& here is my baby Tilly pug (:

L x


  1. We need a trip to London soon, even if its just one day! :) Tilly is super doooooper cute!! xx

  2. Tilly is adorable !!

  3. Ah this entire post is just adorable (and Tilly is the cutest) .. And reading your post now I'm even more excited to live in London (I'm moving there in few weeks) ..

    By the way I'm glad you're back, I missed your posts :)

  4. I love going into liberty, although I can't afford anything there hahha. Tilly is the cutest thing ever!

  5. I absolutely love this advert as I'm obsessed with pugs, trying to talk my other half round to get a little black one and call it Coco :) Your poochy is adorable darling.

    Elizabeth x

  6. Although i didnt really get the advert I lovee pugs! I just think theyre the cutest ever and if I was to get a doggy it would have to be a wee grey one your is adorable too!& I love London too seriously wanna live there soonish lovely post! xo

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  7. Oh my god, Tilly is such an adorable little thing! xx

  8. I used to work right by that Liberty, Had to walk past it every day! You forget how pretty the building is x