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bourjois magic nail polish remover

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Another product that has been sat in my "to blog about" pile for an unnecessary amount of time! I mentioned this magic little product in my April Favourites & have been meaning to blog a full review ever since! Bourjois launched their "1 second magic nail polish remover" just over a year ago now & the beauty blogging world has been flooded with posts ranting & raving about it ever since.

I love having my nails painted, often changing the colour every few days but I find the process of removing polish so tedious that I'd rather sit & pick it off when I'm bored, silly I know! When I saw reviews of this creeping up everywhere I wasn't really interested at first because of the price but a 3 for 2 across all beauty products at Boots a couple months back swayed me into picking it up. The bright pink pot holds a sponge soaked in a sweet red fruit & vanilla scented fragranced remover, unusual as they normally tend to have an overpowering smell! It also contains almond oil, great for nourishing cuticles. The 1 second statement is a slight exaggeration but all that is required is a few twists & voila you have clean nails. I'm actually amazed by its glitter polish removing powers, around 30 seconds & most of the glitter particles have disappeared! Awesome when you consider all the faff normally involved with removing sparkles! Another bonus is how travel friendly it is, especially for someone like me who is constantly up & down the country visiting people etc! I often do my nails on the train because there is so much time to kill & plenty of drying time so I can achieve unsmudged nails. I can pop this in my handbag without worrying about any spills occurring & can discreetly remove polish without looking like I'm trying to set up a mini nail bar whilst sat on a train with a pile of cotton wool & nail polish remover! A tiny downside is once you've used it to take off glitter polish, the specks start to make a reappearance all over your fingers when you use it again. Nothing to major that can't be fixed by washing your hands afterwards though.

Overall Bourjois Magic Nail Pot is a great all rounder for your nails with its removing polish & nourishing abilities! I've used it regularly, at least once a week for around 2 months & could probably continue using it for a while longer yet. The sponge isn't as saturated as it originally was but I suppose I could top it up myself with some standard nail polish remover, let me know if you've done this?

L x


  1. I didn't know bourjois had nailpolish remover! I always buy their mascara.. gotta check it out :)

  2. this sounds really convenient! defo going to check this out!

  3. I've seen this product floating about in the blogging community, I think I may have to give this a whirl - it may just make removing nail polish a little more interesting! ;) Hehe. Great post hun :D x