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dove nourishing oil care leave-in conditioning spray

UK lifestyle blogger UK beauty blogger review swatch dove nourishing oil care leave-in conditioning spray

Dove isn't a brand I'd opt for when it comes to haircare, I guess because they're more famous for their soap & shower gels they just never crossed my mind! However watching one of Emma's videos I saw her use this spray & I was intrigued to see what it was like.

The spray consists of a dual formula which contains an oil & a serum. The oil layer is a blend of almond, coconut & argan oils and the Fibre Actives serum helps to repair damage & restore moisture. As there are two separate layers to this product the bottle needs shaking to mix them together. Once it's all shaken up you can apply it onto dry or wet hair & then you're good to leave it to do its job - no rinsing is required afterwards. I tend to use it when I have towel dried my hair but I also spritz a little all over in between washes. I mainly focus on the ends as they need the most help when it comes to nourishment & defrizzing, I then brush it through to spread the product evenly & make my hair silky soft. I used it twice a day whilst I was on holiday in Turkey to stop my hair getting too dried out in the sun & from the chlorine. The formula is lightweight so it doesn't feel like there is a tonne of product in your hair, even if you do get spritz-happy & go over board (guilty of this because I can't get enough of the smell!!). In general it works well at reducing frizziness & keeps my hair feeling nice & smooth. As much as I love what the product does to my hair, my favourite thing about it is the smell. If you like Love Heart sweets then I can guarantee you'll be a fan - it smells identical!

I'm not sure this will help fix my hair in the long run, but for instant nourishment & moisture it's pretty amazing! It's a super cheap alternative to Moroccan Oil in my opinion at under £4 securing itself a firm place in my haircare routine for a good while yet!

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  1. Love this, it's literally the best product ever! ha x

  2. I keep meaning to pick this up. Dove's new haircare offerings are really good!

  3. I love Dove and have yet to try leave in conditioner so may as well give this a try x