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holiday photo diary #2

Driving down to Olu Deniz

 Turkish puffy breads are so goooood
 Baby bunnies in one of the restaurants! Sooo cute (:
One of the plushies I wanted to bring back for Tilly!

Final load of photos from my trip to Turkey to see my Dad & Brother. I'm missing the 30+ degree heat but it is nice to be home with Dom & Tilly pug! 

L x


  1. Turkey is amazing, hope you had a great time x

  2. Ah I'm so jealous, it looks amazing !

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. aw I got back from there on Friday I love Olu Deniz so much x

  4. I looked through both of your holiday albums, I thought I recognised the place, excuse my ignorance it starts with an F, but when I see in this post 'driving to Olu Deniz, I got excited as it's my favourite place ever! so beautiful. The blue lagoon is magnificent! :-D haven't been since 2009 though.

    Lulu :)

  5. Do you mean Fethiye? (: my dad lives out there, it's amazing isn't it!! xxx