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life lately

Life has been pretty busy recently, I seem to have been here, there & everywhere! I've had a couple of trips to London to organise my life whilst stopping for some shopping, sweet treats (especially Lola's mmm) & general aimless walking around sight seeing. I'm one of those people who loves their own company in London, the crowds don't scare me, the tube is my best friend & to me there is nothing better than doing my own thing & exploring London! Having said that Tilly did have a little adventure with me & came on the train to London one day. She was really well behaved on the train apart from one moment when she had a peak down the aisle & started barking at somebody, cheeky puppy! She enjoyed all the attention she got on the underground & loved meeting my friend Mimi! Dom & I have driven up North countless times to visit family & friends, celebrating birthdays & enjoying the recent bank holiday. I'm so used to long car journeys now, I swear the majority of my life is spent travelling! Oh well as long as I have enough lives on Candy Crush to keep me occupied (addicted again, wah!) & a cuddly pug puppy sleeping on my knee I guess it's not all that bad! We also celebrated our five year anniversary on the 19th, seriously how have we been together for half a decade!? Its insaneeee, it still feels like I only met Dom yesterday! We didn't do anything particularly exciting as money isn't on our side at the moment with so much to pay for, it's not fun being "grown ups" with all the bills to pay! We had pizza for tea & took Tilly on her favourite walkies, we don't always have much time together even though we live together, I know that sounds crazy but work etc gets in the way so we made sure we dedicated the evening to each other! (: At the end of August my mum got a chocolate labrador puppy, so of course we had to drive over to Leicester to meet the cutie, little Luna puppy... who actually isn't so little & is already the same size as Tilly at only 8 weeks old. Mum also promised me a trip to Patisserie Valerie as a treat so we finally got round to going, I had a strawberry tart & hazelnut latte, so so goood!

The past month literally has been a blur to me, so much has been going on I'm actually glad I'm hooked to my iPhone & document my life taking hundreds of photos wherever I go! My memory is really really awful at the moment so scrolling through my camera roll has been pretty helpful! I'm actually in Turkey at the moment, I flew here all on my own (wasn't as scary as I thought it would be!) on Monday morning at 10:55 to see my dad & little brother. I wanted to come see them for ageeees & when we found a cheap flight I booked it without even thinking, I needed some sun in my life! Sorry this post is so photo heavy & I rambled on, I will be back to regular blogging this week hopefully, I miss it!

What have you been up to recently?

L x


  1. Your mum's puppy looks just like my Sam when he was younger! I need to look out photos for you because it's actually scary.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Adorable pictures! :)
    Amy |