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LUSH soot ball bath bomb

I picked up this guy simply because Spirited Away is one of my favourite films & this little soot ball is pretty cute! It doesn't look like the most pleasing thing to drop into your bath though but it doesn't turn the water black anyway. Lush claim the water will become a luxurious golden lustre liquid, however I was kind of disappointed when it looked like I was sat wallowing in a mix of muddy pee water (I do have pictures but they really aren't nice to look at tbh!), it definitely wasn't golden or luxurious! The paper eyes floated about too which was a little bit creepy really & didn't add anything to the bath, I think they could have been more inventive with them, to at least make them disintegrate anyway! I don't want to be completely negative because I still think this little soot gremlin is adorable & it did smell nice too. I'm no good at picking out scents but the website tells me it is a sweet, spicy fragrance made up of Frankincense, Tonka & Sandalwood Oil & I do agree it smelt perfectly spicy with a hint of sweetness! The reviews on the website also seem to imply this product was recalled, so perhaps I got a dodgy one because I never experienced a golden-lustre filled bath, I was just left covered in black soot!

L x

puppy adventures with tilly the pug & luna the labrador

Tilly & I took the train to Leicester on Tuesday morning to look after my little sister & Luna puppy. Luna is a 14 week old chocolate labrador & is already way better behaved than Tilly, stubborn pug is stubborn & also weighs 12kgs nearly whilst Tilly is only 6.15kgs! It was fun having two puppies to watch & play with but oh my god so so tiring, my little sister Leah said to my mum "how do you think we have felt all day!" when she came home & couldn't get over how hyper they both were together! We took them on a few lovely walks through the countryside to tire them out but it was kinda hard work when they wanted to constantly chase each other & be silly together. As I was getting ready to leave they both decided it was time to be calm & sat down nicely together, never have I grabbed my iPhone as quick to get a photo, I'm so glad I managed to get one that wasn't a blurry mess of wriggly puppies! 

L x

september favourites

I'm struggling to sleep at the moment & have a lot of aches & pains due to suffering from sciatica, (hello old lady!) so I've been having lots of baths to help me relax & ease my tense muscles. Radox Bubble Bath is cheap & cheerful, I often accompany it with a lush bath bomb when I need more bubbles! Lavender is one of my favourite smells, it reminds me of being younger too because my mum would make little lavender pouches to go under my pillow to help me get a good nights sleep. I blogged about the Dove Leave-In Conditioner, it's been so helpful this month with keeping my hair in a more manageable state! I got the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer mask free with InStyle magazine & I noticed the difference it made to my hair after only one use! Botanics Oraganic Rosewater Toning Spritz was bought as a replacement for my Liz Earle Skin Tonic, it's lovely & refreshing after I've cleansed my face. I can't stop reaching for Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint at the moment, a fuss free way to achieve a smokey eye is my kinda ideal product! Lastly, I have actually stepped away from the usual dark lipstick shades I normally opt for & tried something new in the form of peachy pink shades. Bourjois Lip Boost Crayon - Peach on the Beach is my new go-to colour if I have quite heavy eye makeup on & want a softer colour on my lips. Barry M Lip Paint - Shade 153 is a perfect mid toned pink lipstick which I rediscovered when I was organising my makeup. 

What are your September favourites?

L x

wednesday wishlist #13

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Here is a selection of things I have had my eye on over the past couple of weeks. I've never been able to find my dream parka coat until I saw this one in Zoella's latest haul, Topshop have 20% off right now so I'm very, very tempted to place an order! I'm obsessed with having candles lit around the flat, a perfect way to make it cosy as the evenings are getting darker! It's the nicest thing being snuggled up on the sofa watching trashing TV/YouTube videos with a cup of tea & a candle burning alongside. Yes, the ones I picked are from the Yankee Christmas collection but I always opt for sweet scents & how cute is the packaging too! Bobble hats are another of my weaknesses, popping a hat on sorts out my hair troubles, keeps my little head warm but also can be a finishing touch to an outfit (:

L x