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LUSH soot ball bath bomb

I picked up this guy simply because Spirited Away is one of my favourite films & this little soot ball is pretty cute! It doesn't look like the most pleasing thing to drop into your bath though but it doesn't turn the water black anyway. Lush claim the water will become a luxurious golden lustre liquid, however I was kind of disappointed when it looked like I was sat wallowing in a mix of muddy pee water (I do have pictures but they really aren't nice to look at tbh!), it definitely wasn't golden or luxurious! The paper eyes floated about too which was a little bit creepy really & didn't add anything to the bath, I think they could have been more inventive with them, to at least make them disintegrate anyway! I don't want to be completely negative because I still think this little soot gremlin is adorable & it did smell nice too. I'm no good at picking out scents but the website tells me it is a sweet, spicy fragrance made up of Frankincense, Tonka & Sandalwood Oil & I do agree it smelt perfectly spicy with a hint of sweetness! The reviews on the website also seem to imply this product was recalled, so perhaps I got a dodgy one because I never experienced a golden-lustre filled bath, I was just left covered in black soot!

L x


  1. Oh that's awful :/ I heard more people complaining about this one on youtube, it's too bad cause it looks so cute! xx

  2. I saw this in Lush today and it's so cute! It smelt amazing too, I'll have to pick one up next time! I was scared about it turning the water a black colour! Haha x

    Amy |

  3. He is strangely very cute! Shame about the muddy pee water though!

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