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puppy adventures with tilly the pug & luna the labrador

Tilly & I took the train to Leicester on Tuesday morning to look after my little sister & Luna puppy. Luna is a 14 week old chocolate labrador & is already way better behaved than Tilly, stubborn pug is stubborn & also weighs 12kgs nearly whilst Tilly is only 6.15kgs! It was fun having two puppies to watch & play with but oh my god so so tiring, my little sister Leah said to my mum "how do you think we have felt all day!" when she came home & couldn't get over how hyper they both were together! We took them on a few lovely walks through the countryside to tire them out but it was kinda hard work when they wanted to constantly chase each other & be silly together. As I was getting ready to leave they both decided it was time to be calm & sat down nicely together, never have I grabbed my iPhone as quick to get a photo, I'm so glad I managed to get one that wasn't a blurry mess of wriggly puppies! 

L x


  1. Oh wow, they're both so so cute! x

  2. Oh my god they're both SO cute!! My boss has a chocolate labrador and she was a puppy not too long ago, it was lovely having her visit the office. But all of us girls want to own a pug! Haha. Or I'd love a french bulldog :D x

    Sweet Monday

  3. Heya I've just nominated you for the Blog You Heart Out award!! You can read all about it in my latest post! Also just followed you on Bloglovin' too! :) btw them doggies are just adorable!! (and i'm not really a dog person) lol xo