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christmas gifts for her - under £10/stocking fillers

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Here is a small selection of gifts that would be ideal if you're keeping to a budget this year or if you wanted to add the finishing touch to a present by including a stocking filler. I included some homeware gifts because at the moment I'm kind of obsessed with finding cute things for my flat, the teacup is my favourite & actually matches a cake stand I have! It's always lovely to receive some beauty treats too & any Lush gift set is perfect in my eyes. The fawn hot water bottle is adorable, I'd have bought this for myself if I didn't already have an equally adorable one! Hope this has given you some inspiration if you've been stuck for ideas, I might do a couple more of these posts if people enjoy them - they're one post I love to see! (:

L x

a little catchup

Cute little Tilly sitting by our Christmas tree | The best treat | Homemade Christmas Decorations
Sunday morning breakfast | Snug pug | Pugs & kisses 
Lush Christmas haul | My baby squishy face | Ended up buying two Primark tartan dresses!

I've been away from blogging for far far too long & I'm so excited to get back into it now! Life has been a little stressful but I'm now organised & ready to blog away again. Dom has kindly set up his iMac especially for me & we are working on a blog re-design over the next few weeks so hopefully I can get my little site exactly how I want it (:

Here is a little snapshot of my life recently, I have lots of blog posts planned though, including some Christmas DIY's & possibly a mini giveaway! Thanks for sticking with my blog whilst I've been absent though, it won't be happening again anytime soon! 

L x

tilly the pug puppy update

I have a ridiculous amount of photos of my baby Pug, Tilly & instead of them all being hidden away on my MacBook I'm going to start sharing some each week as a little way of documenting her life! She is so so precious to me & I love her little squishy face a ridiculous amount, I'm pretty obsessed with my dog... #crazypuglady

Tilly is now 8 months old & has finally mastered toilet training... pugs are incredibly stubborn when it comes to this, my poor cream carpets have been her favourite to pee all over, naughty pug. Luckily we have a carpet cleaner or I think I'd have had a nervous breakdown by now! If anyone wants any tips on how to toilet train a pug or other stubborn dogs feel free to email/tweet me! She knows how to sit, lie down, give her paw & also her other if we say "other", spin in a circle, jump up for a treat, wait, play fetch & is super good of her lead in the park. She absolutely loves cheese & will instantly stop what she's doing if she even hears the word so we now spell it out if we need to mention it haha. She is the most cuddly & loving dog I have ever met, she snuggles up to me when she's sleepy but also demands cuddles whenever she feels like it by sitting at my feet, looking up at me & crying! If it is raining there is absolutely no way she will move from our front door, I have to pick her up, carry her to the grass & stand with her til she will go to the toilet!! Also she is a monkey for making me take her on a long walk & then refusing to walk home, resulting in me cradling her like a baby all the way back & getting the strangest looks from people. Honestly she is the biggest diva I know. 

Of course having a dog is hard work, expensive & sometimes sad. Tilly has been ill a few times already with ear infections, sickness & a sprained leg. Luckily it was nothing to serious & she is okay now but it literally broke my heart seeing her unwell, I'm one of those puppy mummies who worries like crazy & rushes her off to the vet straight away, I just can't cope! I mostly get lots of lovely comments about Tilly from friends, family & we are often stopped on walkies because people are so excited by her, it's the nicest thing to see people smiling because they've met a pug! I also get some nasty comments though, which is actually really upsetting, I hate it when people are completely ignorant to a breed of dog. Pugs are one of the oldest & most treasured breeds to exist & yes they can health problems, but so can any other breed of dog or human for that matter. I was going to go off on a rant but I don't think I'll bother, but I might do a post on pugs in general in the future. Tilly is the best little dog, a perfect little companion & also ideal for anyone who lives in a flat like we do! 

Would you guys like to see regular pug features on my blog!? Let me know!