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It really does feel like 2013 whizzed by, I kind of really hated 2013 but then when I actually think about it some pretty awesome things happened too! It was a bit of a strange year with some scary life decisions made but also lots of lovely times & happy memories, I just need to remember that though instead of always referring to 2013 as the worst year of my life!

January 3rd was my 21st Birthday which I celebrated with my family by having a little tea party. I then went back to London for the second semester of my second year & threw a party with my flat mates, our uni friends & also some of my closest friends who travelled down for the weekend. It was a good start to the year. After this though things start to get blurry for me, I can hardly think of anything that happened between February to April really. I was overwhelmed with university work, doing all nighters at least once a week to get the work completed. It wasn't because I was lazy, unmotivated or incapable, I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to be at university really. Mix that with the fact I absolutely despised my degree, felt like I didn't have any friends (when I did really, I seemed to be having a "everyone hates me" stage), living with a mouse infestation which resulted in me being woken up at 2am with one crawling across my pillow & family issues bringing me down I just felt lost & fed up. I didn't feel like me & became everything I said I would never be. I started having counselling around this time, I'm not to sure of dates because like I said everything just blurred together. My counsellor was the most amazing lady & chatting to her each week helped me, I always left feeling relieved & like she had literally lifted a weight of my shoulders. In the end it was decided I needed to postpone my Summer exams because I was considered to be unwell. It was really, really scary to make this decision & I knew people would ask me why I was doing that but deep down I knew it was best for me & thats what matters! 

Early May I decided I needed to leave London & go stay with my Mum for a bit to relax & not be on edge about mice creeping round my room/arguments occurring with flatmates & basically just have time out from everything that had been going on. During my "bad" months one thing that brought happiness to me was anything to do with Pugs, I'd been obsessed with the squishy faced cuties for a long time, I don't know why they cheered me up so much but I'd find myself sat in bed researching about them, scrolling through photos & watching YouTube videos for hours, they really brightened my day! I'd been nagging my Mum for a while about getting one but her answer was always "no, you're at uni" or something very similar but the last day I was in London I came across a puppy for sale quite close to where she lives. I told my Mum I'd like to go look & at first I got her usual response "no" but for some reason I enquired about the puppies anyway & arranged to go see them! I was like a little child on Christmas Eve, I was so so so excited & to my surprise my Mum text me that night to say if I did want to get one that it was okay for me to stay at hers with puppy for a few weeks. So on May 10th I travelled to see the puppies & instantly fell in love, they were 9 weeks old & ready to leave to go their new homes. The next day I went to pick up my Pug Puppy, Matilda, known as Tilly. Her breeder had called her Sandie but I had always had my heart set on calling my pug Tilly! 11th May 2013 baby Tilly tots came into my life & she is one of the best things to happen to me. Honestly she has helped me so much, as crazy as that sounds she has done me the world of good. 

During May I celebrated Doms 21st Birthday with him in Leeds followed by a trip to Cardiff so he could see the Dr Who exhibition (massive snore for me but anything for him!) & then June 3rd we finally moved into our first place together in Milton Keynes. It's hard being so far away from our Family & Friends but I'm literally the proudest girlfriend ever, Dom graduated from university & landed himself a job straight away without having a break from being in education or anything. He's worked so so hard & I'm incredibly thankful for all the support he gives to me & our little Tilly pug! I absolutely love living with him, having our own place is the best thing ever & something we certainly deserve after being in a long distance relationship for 3 years! 

The end of July through to the start of August is when my Dad & little Brother Conor came over to England, it was the first time I had seen Conor since they moved to Turkey August 2012. Then I flew out to Turkey for 10 days at the end of August for a holiday with them all which was amazing, the sunshine was well appreciated! Not much went on in September & October and in November my Dad drove over from Turkey to the UK to see us again. 

Finally December, it disappeared in seconds I swear but I definitely made progress with my health & happiness during the past month. I finally got myself organised & more motivated for life again. I also began sewing again & created lots of decorations for my family, I'm hoping to continue this into 2014 & possibly set up my own Etsy store or something! One of the most exciting things was getting our first Christmas tree together & decorating it, as well as it being Tilly's first Christmas, she was hyper all day playing with all her new toys & eating too many treats, it was the cutest! Christmas was spent up North & now I am back in our little flat ready to see in the New Year with two of my favourites.

2014 will see my 22nd Birthday, Tilly's 1st Birthday (yes I am going to celebrate my dogs Birthday!) , our 6 year anniversary, my return to university for my third & final year and I will hopefully see my savings grow & travel somewhere I've never been before! 

I've got my empty jar ready to be filled with memories, 2014 I am ready for you, time to be super organised, focused & happy, lets do this!
Goodbye 2 0 1 3.

L x

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