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christmas lush haul

A couple of weeks ago now I popped into Lush to have a look at their Christmas range & there was just no chance I was going to be leaving empty handed! I've never seen so many amazing bath bombs, I love Lush all year round but there festive bath treats are my absolute favourites, they always have some really cute ones & they all smell SO blumin' good! I wanted to buy one of each but restrained myself to these 4! I'm going to do individual posts on each of them so I will go into more detail soon. I love how Lush have managed to make a christmas pudding look adorable by creating a pastel version of the traditional festive pudding! I can't cope with how cute the little penguin is, it's gonna be a struggle to bring myself to crumble him up & watch him turn into lots of bubbles!  I bought Snowman because it's the festive version of the moisturising bath bomb Butterball, they're both vanilla scented & filled with lots of cocoa butter. Whenever I have a bath using a Butterball bomb my skin is always extra silky soft afterwards so I'm hoping little Snowman will do the same thing! I'm addicted to picking up Candy Mountain & sniffing it for ages haha, I sound crazy now but it has a proper sweet-shop scent very similar to snow fairy & the creamy candy bubble bar!

Have you picked up anything from the Lush Christmas range this year?

L x


  1. Lush have got some awesome Christmas offerings! x

  2. i haven't got anything from lush in months!! i need to go there soon! :)

  3. You can never trust me in Lush at christmas time....I end up buying literally everything.