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christmas wish list | fashion

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If I had a tonne of money to spend on myself at Christmas these items would all be making their way into my life. I wanted a denim jacket way back in summer but never got round to hunting one down, now it's absolutely frrrrreezing this Topshop one with the shearling is perfect to keep warm in if I'm just nipping out. How cute is this Marc Jacobs Boston Terrier watch, if only it was a pug! Liberty is one of my favourite places to go in London, it's so lovely to look around & they have such pretty prints, the Barbour jacket lined with a rose print is amazing, I need a more practical dog walking coat because all of mine are fluffy or furry & get filthy when I take Tilly through the fields on little adventures! I actually can't get over how adorable the Cath Kidston santa jumper & the Topshop gingerbread jumpers are, I really want them but they are such silly prices for a jumper I could only wear in December! I know this is a 'Fashion' wishlist so pj's aren't really in that category but I love being cosy & comfy during Christmastime, Bambi was one of my favourite films as a little girl & even though these aren't exactly gonna keep me warm they'll look mega cute with my Primark fluffy teddy bear dressing gown!

p.s sorry for doing two Christmas themed posts in a row, I did have an outfit post planned but the photos are really awful & not how I wanted them so I'm unsure if I will post them ):

What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

L x


  1. love the denim jacket

  2. I love that watch and the gingerbread man jumper!

  3. That gingerbread man jumper is so lovely and the Bambi PJ's are just the cutest! x

  4. That denim jacket is gorgeous!