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pug life #3

I drove over to Leicester on Sunday with Tilly to visit my Mum & she was so well behaved sat in the car, bless her. I decided to buy her a doggy seatbelt from eBay, it was only £2 & keeps her safe whilst I drive, before this she would climb onto my knee & a few times has even stood up against the steering wheel which scared the life out of me, I thought I was going to crash the car!! The seatbelt has ensured she is nice & safe now :) This week we have had lots of lovely walks, she loves a long walk in the morning followed by a dentastix when we get back & her breakfast. She has a proper routine now & is really good, she knows exactly what she will get at certain times of the day, she goes mad at me if her "din dins" isn't served up on time! She was a cheeky puppy this week, she usually sits nicely whilst I apply my makeup & silly me put one of my makeup brushes down on the bed, she snuck off with it & I have been left with a very chewed brush!! I forgave her almost instantly when she looked up at me with her puppy eyes though, such a monkey! She was also treated to a pink hoody this week as she has outgrown her coat & I haven't managed to track down a reasonably priced one for her yet, but she shivers on walks when she doesn't have a warm jumper or coat on so I found her a hoody on eBay.  Let me know if you have any doggy clothes shop recommendations please! She's currently snuggled up under the duvet with me, I love my little squishy so so much!!
L x

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MAC mineralize skinfinish | soft & gentle

At first I wasn't too keen on this product, I'd been intrigued by it after seeing Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter rave about it so much on her YouTube channels. The lovely healthy glow she always had encouraged me to buy it as I wanted to look as glowing as she always did, so I couldn't help but be disappointed when I didn't achieve that & ended up looking like a shimmery glitterball! I stopped using it for ages but over the festive period I gave it another go & ended up absolutely loving it. I've learnt to apply it properly now using a Real Techniques Setting Brush I only use a teeny tiny amount over my cheekbones & brow bones. Originally I was too heavy handed with it & because I'm so pale I had golden peach glittery streaks across my face rather than a nice gentle shimmery glow! It's a really pretty product which I use most days now I know how to use it & definitely gives my a skin a boost, especially when I'm looking extra sleepy! I mainly use this for nights out or special occasions but also use it during the day if my skin needs brightening up. I like to add highlighter to my cheek & brow bones as I think it's the perfect finishing touch to a makeup look!
What is your favourite highlighter?
L x

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the blogger made me buy it

My friend Abi from Kemples tagged me in her 'The Blogger Made Me Buy It' post so I thought I would join in...

Who are your most influential bloggers?
Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews & swatches?

I find myself regularly checking both of Lily's blogs (llymlrs & etcllymlrs), her style is one of my favourites but I also love her beauty blog, I find it really easy to read. A few other favourite bloggers are Fleur De Force, Milkteef, Vivianna Does Makeup, Ghostparties & . They are all blogs that I will go to if I'm looking for a review of a particular product as I know they will have probably featured it! 

Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

I tend to look through quite a few blogs each day & if I see the same product appearing more than a few times I am intrigued to find out more which leads me to my nearest Boots/Beauty department to test them out for myself.

What is your most favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

This is such a tough question because I have so many items I love thanks to blogger influence. Probably my most favourite item is my MAC 217 blending brush or my Real Techniques brushes. Applying my makeup with these brushes each day makes me so happy, I'm very easily pleased ha!

Name five products that you have bought recently as a result of blogs.

MAC 217 Blending Brush, Marc Jacobs Honey Perfume, Barry M Gelly Nail Polish (you can win a shade of your choice in my giveaway!), Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub & Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking a review?

I hardly ever buy products unless I've seen them on a blog or in a YouTube video to be honest! I'm so easily influenced I almost always give into the blogger hype!

Feel free to join in with this tag & leave me a link to your post in the comments!
L x

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wednesday wishlist #14

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight 
I need some more basic everyday tops in my life, & since I love stripey tees atm this red one is ideal! I love all things Emma Bridgewater, but especially the pink hearts print, so pricey for a mug but so so pretty!! I want to get Tilly pug a new bed as she's almost outgrown her puppy one now & could do with a nice new one, obviously it has to be a cute & girly Cath Kidston one! I keep seeing reviews of the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade & now I really want to try it, I'm always trying to find the perfect brow product. I really, really, really need this NARSissist blush palette, it's perfect because the highlighter looks super pretty, orgasm blusher is my favourite shade of blush to wear & laguna bronzer is a product I've been meaning to try for ageeees, I think I need to pre-order it! It's such a dreamy product *insert heart eyed emoji* I've been obsessed with owning a pair Minnetonka Moccasins for too long now, I don't know why I love them so much, I think because they look like they'll be really comfy & I won't have to go through the horrible ankle pains that I suffer with whenever I wear new shoes... worst thing ever. I love Topshop lipsticks a whole lot so it's only necessary that I try something else from their lip product range, right!? I've just sold my Zara city bag & now I need a smaller replacement, this black satchel from ASOS is lovely, the scallop detailing is a nice little touch.

Don't forget to enter my 500 follower giveaway!
L x

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everyday makeup

My go to foundation at the mo is MAC Studio Sculpt, I can't say it's my favourite, the coverage is too heavy & thick for my liking but mixed with a blob of moisturiser makes it easier to work with. I'm on the look out for a new drugstore foundation though, leave me your recommendations please! Next I fill my eyebrows in using a MAC 266 Angled Brush & a combination of the darker shades in the HD Brow Palette, the latest addition to my makeup bag. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday but if I do I keep it pretty basic & apply MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow all over my lid & blend it out with a MAC 217 Blending Brush then take the excess under my bottom lashes. I will also use the Urban Decay Primer Potion if I'm going to be out all day & want to make sure my eyeshadow lasts & doesn't budge or drop all down my face! I've not been reaching for liquid eyeliner recently, instead I've been using a darker eyeshadow along my upper lash line which I really like & it's much less faff than trying to perfect cat flicks! I'm not fussy with mascara, the two I have at the moment are Maybelline The Falsies and Soap & Glory Thick & Fast, both which do the job well! I never used to be a fan of bronzer because I'm so ghostly pale but I actually really love using the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder (chocolate bronzer!) lightly over my cheekbones & forehead, it helps me look a little bit more alive! I conceal using Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, one of the most raved about makeup products in the beauty blogosphere & I also use Dainty Doll Concealer to lighten up under my eyes. Finally I set my makeup with a dusting of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder & I'm done! 
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What are your everyday makeup products? 
L x

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500 follower giveaway - thank you!

I decided to put together a small selection of my favourite beauty products as a little thank you for all the love my blog has received lately. I really appreciate each & every one of my followers, on all of my social media platforms, it's so lovely to see comments being left by you guys & my posts being 'liked' on Bloglovin'! I've now reached over 500 followers on both GFC & Bloglovin' so thank you very much for following & reading my blog!

What you can win:
1x 100g bottle of Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
1x 50ml tub of Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter
1x 50ml tub of Soap & Glory Flake Away
1x 50ml bottle of Soap & Glory Hand Food
1x bottle of Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polish in the shade of your choice, pick a shade here

The giveaway will run from 14th January 2014 until 14th February 2014 & is open internationally!

Good luck! 
Don't forget to leave me a comment telling me which colour nail polish you would pick if you win!

pug life #2

Tilly is still in naughty mode this week, attempting to chew anything & everything including the woodwork round the door frames & our bed!! I don't know what has happened to her, she used to be such an angel & has now become a rebellious little pup! Having said that, when she is behaving she's the cuddliest, cutest thing ever & she is instantly forgiven. She has been suffering with some puggy acne this week, another sign she is hitting her teenage years I guess! Today we took her to the lake near our house for a walkie, she gets to meet other doggies this way & she has the best time, bless her. She's now fast asleep snoring away with her tongue sticking out!
L x

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lush valentine's day collection

My blog has been like a little shrine to Lush products recently, I seem to be developing a serious addiction. There is nothing better than having a hot bubble bath when it's so cold outside though!! The newest range of products to be released by Lush is the Valentine's Day collection. The product that I was first drawn to was the Prince Charming Shower Gel, I can imagine it smelling amazing, mixed with marshmallow, vanilla, pomegranate, grapefruit & sandalwood it sounds as if it will be my ideal scent! Close To You Massage Bar looks like a pastel version of the yummy biscuit Jammie Dodgers, fragranced with Vanilla it's another product I'm hoping to try out. Love Locket Bath Bomb is an adorable heart shaped bomb inspired by heart shaped lockets you'd wear with a photograph of a loved one inside, a cute idea but the price did shock me, almost £7 for a bath bomb is a little crazy in my opinion! The gift sets would be lovely if you're struggling for Valentine's inspiration this year, hint hint Dom if you're reading this... 

I always love seeing what seasonal products Lush bring out & I'm looking forward to going into my local store to see them all & maybe pick up a little treat!
Will you be picking up anything from the Valentine's Day range at Lush?

L x

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lush snow fairy perfume

Lush Scent Snow Fairy - £25/30ml

When I heard LUSH had released a perfume version of my favourite shower gel, Snow Fairy, I knew I had to get my hands on it. Dom kindly bought it & hid it from me until Christmas! The scent is exactly like the shower gel, a very sweet combination of candy floss & pear drop exactly how you would expect a sweet-shop to smell like. The lasting power is amazing, but I assumed it would be anyway because even the shower gel lingers all day! You only need a tiny bit of this, similar with the shower gel, a little goes a long way. I do like the packaging as it's simple however I think LUSH could have made it a little more exciting as they usually have such pretty packaging & products, it would have been nice for each of their perfumes to match the rest of the product range. Sadly this Lush Scent was limited edition before Christmas & has now sold out but keep an eye out as they might release it again!
L x 

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twenty two

A little Birthday tea with Dom & my Mum's homemade coffee cake, mmm..  (p.s sorry for the bad quality of this photo!)

Last Friday I turned 22, which sounds really weird to me because when I was younger I used to think anyone in their twenties was really old & a "proper adult" & whilst I am an "adult" in the eyes of the law I certainly don't feel like I'm a proper adult & thought I'd have achieved way more by now, but nevermind! 

Anyway I wanted to share some of my birthday photos as I had the nicest few days. I was spoilt rotten by Dom who took me for a meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian (order the funky chips - so so yummy!), followed by a trip to London a couple of days later for an afternoon treat at Laduree - the rose petal macarons are my faveee!

I didn't ask for much gift wise this year but I got lots of lovely bits & pieces, mostly home related things - yankee candles, pretty bathroom towels, cupcake themed items for my kitchen, cushions for the sofa & bed etcc. I haven't photographed all the bathroom/kitchen stuff, I'm thinking of doing a little flat tour if anyone would like to see that? I also asked for a couple of cook books as I want to try experimenting more when I cook meals for Dom & I but always struggle for ideas & inspiration! Super happy I got the Marc Jacobs Honey gift set, it will sit nicely next to my bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy! The Cath Kidston baking set is the cutest, I can't wait to do some baking now, although I'm not sure I want to get the apron mucky because it's so pretty! 

L x

LUSH sale haul

If you didn't already know on Boxing Day Lush reduce all their Christmas stock by 50% which of course is very, very exciting for a Lush addict like myself! I popped along to my local store on Boxing Day as I didn't have any plans until the afternoon so had the chance to do some sale shopping in the morning. I'm kinda glad I had the opportunity to go in to a store because I've seen a few people ranting on Twitter about the slow despatch of their order & I'm way too impatient when it comes to waiting for orders to arrive!

I stocked up on a little & large bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel, the little one being an ideal size for when I travel up North to see my family. The large one will last me a long while, my previous bottle lasted from January right through to December, I did use a few other shower gels in between but a little goes a long way with this stuff :) I also bought the Snow Fairy Sparkle Bar which I think will be nice to use just before getting out of a bath as it's made with Shea butter which will keep my skin moisturised. I decided to get the Magic Wand as it's the solid equivalent of Snow Fairy Shower Gel so now I can have lots of sweet scented bubble baths! 

I had to pick up another little Penguin, it was one of my favourite in the Christmas range & was less than £1.50 in the sale! I did buy two of these but gave one to my Mum so she could try it too. Finally Star Light, Star Bright bath melt is a shimmery silver star that leaves silver lustre everywhere, I loved how zesty & fresh it smelt though so I'm looking forward to using this, apparently this makes the bath water look like a turquoise silvery pool of star light which sounds pretty!

Did you pick up anything from the Lush sale?

L x

december favourites

I did consider doing a 2013 beauty favourites post but as I didn't have all of my favourites to photograph I decided it was just easier to do a December favourites post! All of the products I mention in this post are some of my most loved products of 2013 anyway.

I've actually had this bottle of YSL Touché Éclat Foundation a year now, a gift from Dom last Christmas I saved it for more special occasions due to it's high price tag but also because it's one of the most luxurious makeup products I wanted to savour it! I had forgotten how lovely this foundation was to be honest, it's not heavy or thick it is just the right consistency for hiding any blemishes but gives a healthy glow.
Throughout Winter I suffer from dry patches on my hands & around my nails which is something I hate the feeling of. The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream has really helped to soothe & calm the dry skin I've been suffering from the past few months. It's quite light & soaks in really quickly, greasy hand creams are the worst!
I've already burnt a couple of the samplers of the Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie & purchased the little jar when I spotted a local shop selling all the festive scents for half price! It's a similar scent to Christmas Cookie, buttery & vanilla, I think the only difference is the pink icing which adds a sugary sweetness to the smell! 
MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow is a shade that suits my eye colour really well, I tend to use this in my outer corner blended on top of a neutral shade such as Naked Lunch or Sin from the Naked palette. As I said in my Beauty Resolutions post I started to experiment with eyeshadow a lot more towards the end of 2013 & really it is all down to the MAC 217 Blending Brush. I can't rave about this brush enough, I only wish I had invested in it sooner! It's a high price to pay for a makeup brush but it helps me achieve smokey eyes almost effortlessly which is something I've been trying to do for years...
My go-to nail polish in December was Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint 'Pomegranate' paired with Ciate Enchanted Rose glitter polish for the perfect festive nail combo. Barry M Gelly Paints are my favourite High Street formula & I'm sure I'll be picking up a few more colours to add to my collection this year.
It wouldn't be right if I didn't have a supply of LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel to use throughout December. The super sweet scented shower gel is my absolute favourite & I love how the smell lingers in the bathroom all day after I've used it!
I  was really pleased to unwrap a Liz Earle gift set on Christmas Day after being without Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser for a good few months but I've used it everyday since & I'm so glad to have this back in my life, my skin is so much better for it already!

Do you have any December favourites? What was one of your favourite products throughout 2013?

L x

pug life #1

This week Tilly has turned into devil pup & been an absolute horror, I feel like she's returned to naughty puppy stage! She's so so cheeky & got the most hilarious personality I've decided to make her a regular feature on my blog, I don't want to forget about all the little things she does each that make me smile! In 3 days time she will be 10 months old, she's growing up so quick, I've already started planning her 1st birthday party, kinda ridiculous but I am literally a crazy puppy mama/crazy pug lady!  Her absolute favourite treat is cheese, she will do anything to get a piece. She is also a clever little doggy (pugs are actually a really intelligent breed, just very very stubborn!) & can do more tricks than any other dog I've met. The other day I taught her to "swim" across the floor which is basically her army crawling towards me, it's the funnies thing, check my Instagram for a video! She can also do all the basics on command such as sit, paw, lie down, jump up, hi-five, give kisses & she can also spin in a circle too!  She is a complete princess though, she refuses to leave the house if it rains, she will just stand rigid under the porch with the most disgusted look on her face haha. She also hates puddles & will slow down as we approach one so she can figure out how to get around it without getting her paws wet. When she is tired on a walk she will stop & not move until I pick her up & carry her home, she's actually fallen asleep in my arms before haha. Some people think it's stupid to dress a dog up, but I'm not even kidding when I say Tilly loves putting her doggy clothes on. If I get out her little jumper to put on when she's cold her tail starts wagging & she sits still whilst she lets me dress her. I actually can't cope with how cute she is, She's a proper diva but I love all her little ways!

Look how small she was when I introduced her here! So teeny tiny & precious!
I'll admit I'm obsessed with my dog but I hope you enjoyed this post & sorry if it!

L x

beauty resolutions

Wash my makeup brushes regularly: This seems to be one of the most popular blogger beauty resolutions but I admit I'm guilty of being lazy when it comes to brush cleaning, I find it such a chore! I'm going to dedicate more time to ensuring I clean my makeup brushes. My aim is to wash them at least once a week but I'm also going to invest in the MAC brush cleaner so I can spot clean them after I use them too!

Have more foundation free days: I only wear makeup on days that I know I will be out all day so I already do have quite a few makeup free days but I'd like to start just using concealer on blemishes & my under eye circles rather than applying foundation as well. I want my skin to be able to breathe more basically!

Don't be as lazy with skincare: I'm guilty of sleeping in my makeup the odd few nights a month but I'm going to make a real effort to ensure I remove every scrap off my face before my head hits the pillow each night! I've got some lovely little bits of skincare which I need to use more often, now I've established a routine lets hope I stick to it!

Continue to experiment with eyeshadow looks: Towards the end of 2013 I started becoming more confident with creating smokey eye looks. I added the Urban Decay Naked Palette, a MAC 217 blending brush & couple of MAC eyeshadows to my makeup collection which have really helped to improve my eyeshadow skills! The best thing I ever did was invest in the 217 MAC brush, even an eyeshadow noob like me can create some pretty decent smokey eye looks since this tool joined my brush pot!

Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2014?

L x

festive flat photos

I know Christmas has been & gone so it seems a little strange sharing festive themed photos, however I don't want to lose all this snaps in the blackhole that is iPhoto. My MacBook is swamped with a ridiculous amount of photos & I made a promise to myself to share as many of my favourites as possible. I'd planned for this post to go up before Christmas of course, but we travelled 200 miles to see family earlier than expected so I just never got the chance! This was the first Christmas that Dom & I got a tree & decorated it together, possibly the most exciting thing & I'm actually kinda sad its over now, I'm not looking forward to taking down all of the decorations, it makes our flat so cosy! I chose a red & white theme for the tree, I really like the Scandanavian style decorations that were in a lot of the shops!
L x

happy new year

A little post to say Happy New Year to all my readers. 2013 was a quiet year for my little blog for various reasons but I'm ready to get back into blogging & see where it takes me. I'm feeling really positive about 2014, I have a good feeling about it so lets hope it works out well.

2014 Goals:
One: Keep a journal. Being organised is one thing I used to be good at & I'd like that structure back in my life. By having a diary/journal to keep track of everything I think I'll be able to achieve this.
Two: Stop wasting money on things that aren't necessary, I don't need a Starbucks every time I nip into town!
Three: Eat 3 proper meals a day. It's slightly ridiculous what I consider to be a meal sometimes, a handful of chocolate biscuits is just no good & I really want to make an effort with my eating habits this year. I've got a few nice cook books so I'm going to start planning meals I can cook for Dom & I each night, but also make sure I eat breakfast!! It is the most important meal of the day afterall...
Four: Keep up with my sewing & set up an Etsy store.
Five: Make good progress with my savings, kind of similar to goal no.2 however as Dom & I are hoping to get a mortgage within the next few years, saving up as much as possible is a huge priority to us!

L x