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festive flat photos

I know Christmas has been & gone so it seems a little strange sharing festive themed photos, however I don't want to lose all this snaps in the blackhole that is iPhoto. My MacBook is swamped with a ridiculous amount of photos & I made a promise to myself to share as many of my favourites as possible. I'd planned for this post to go up before Christmas of course, but we travelled 200 miles to see family earlier than expected so I just never got the chance! This was the first Christmas that Dom & I got a tree & decorated it together, possibly the most exciting thing & I'm actually kinda sad its over now, I'm not looking forward to taking down all of the decorations, it makes our flat so cosy! I chose a red & white theme for the tree, I really like the Scandanavian style decorations that were in a lot of the shops!
L x


  1. oooh i love your fawn ornament! :)

  2. Oh your christmas tree 2013 is sooooo gorgeous!:)

    Have a happy 2014!

    NIKA Bittner

  3. Lovely Christmas tree and glad you had a lovely Christmas!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |