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happy new year

A little post to say Happy New Year to all my readers. 2013 was a quiet year for my little blog for various reasons but I'm ready to get back into blogging & see where it takes me. I'm feeling really positive about 2014, I have a good feeling about it so lets hope it works out well.

2014 Goals:
One: Keep a journal. Being organised is one thing I used to be good at & I'd like that structure back in my life. By having a diary/journal to keep track of everything I think I'll be able to achieve this.
Two: Stop wasting money on things that aren't necessary, I don't need a Starbucks every time I nip into town!
Three: Eat 3 proper meals a day. It's slightly ridiculous what I consider to be a meal sometimes, a handful of chocolate biscuits is just no good & I really want to make an effort with my eating habits this year. I've got a few nice cook books so I'm going to start planning meals I can cook for Dom & I each night, but also make sure I eat breakfast!! It is the most important meal of the day afterall...
Four: Keep up with my sewing & set up an Etsy store.
Five: Make good progress with my savings, kind of similar to goal no.2 however as Dom & I are hoping to get a mortgage within the next few years, saving up as much as possible is a huge priority to us!

L x


  1. Ooh these are very doable resolutions - good luck with them all! and happy new year, i wish you a wonderful 2014! :)

  2. Oh my gosh how cute is the doggy....aww..... good luck with those resolutions and I hope you manage to stick to them x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. Happy New Year and hope you have a lovely 2014 and achieve your goals. I love that you put a bow on your pug it looks adorable.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  4. the dog is so cute! happy new year, good luck with your resolutions xx