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pug life #1

This week Tilly has turned into devil pup & been an absolute horror, I feel like she's returned to naughty puppy stage! She's so so cheeky & got the most hilarious personality I've decided to make her a regular feature on my blog, I don't want to forget about all the little things she does each that make me smile! In 3 days time she will be 10 months old, she's growing up so quick, I've already started planning her 1st birthday party, kinda ridiculous but I am literally a crazy puppy mama/crazy pug lady!  Her absolute favourite treat is cheese, she will do anything to get a piece. She is also a clever little doggy (pugs are actually a really intelligent breed, just very very stubborn!) & can do more tricks than any other dog I've met. The other day I taught her to "swim" across the floor which is basically her army crawling towards me, it's the funnies thing, check my Instagram for a video! She can also do all the basics on command such as sit, paw, lie down, jump up, hi-five, give kisses & she can also spin in a circle too!  She is a complete princess though, she refuses to leave the house if it rains, she will just stand rigid under the porch with the most disgusted look on her face haha. She also hates puddles & will slow down as we approach one so she can figure out how to get around it without getting her paws wet. When she is tired on a walk she will stop & not move until I pick her up & carry her home, she's actually fallen asleep in my arms before haha. Some people think it's stupid to dress a dog up, but I'm not even kidding when I say Tilly loves putting her doggy clothes on. If I get out her little jumper to put on when she's cold her tail starts wagging & she sits still whilst she lets me dress her. I actually can't cope with how cute she is, She's a proper diva but I love all her little ways!

Look how small she was when I introduced her here! So teeny tiny & precious!
I'll admit I'm obsessed with my dog but I hope you enjoyed this post & sorry if it!

L x


  1. Aww! How cute is she? I just watched the video made me smile & love the picture of her in the red bow.

  2. aaaah her 'swimming' sounds so cute!! what an adorable pup! i love pugs so much!! :)

  3. She's such an adorable little puppy! :)
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  4. AWWW! I loveeee pugs!!

    Daisy x

  5. She's so cute! I want a pug so much!Xx