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pug life #3

I drove over to Leicester on Sunday with Tilly to visit my Mum & she was so well behaved sat in the car, bless her. I decided to buy her a doggy seatbelt from eBay, it was only £2 & keeps her safe whilst I drive, before this she would climb onto my knee & a few times has even stood up against the steering wheel which scared the life out of me, I thought I was going to crash the car!! The seatbelt has ensured she is nice & safe now :) This week we have had lots of lovely walks, she loves a long walk in the morning followed by a dentastix when we get back & her breakfast. She has a proper routine now & is really good, she knows exactly what she will get at certain times of the day, she goes mad at me if her "din dins" isn't served up on time! She was a cheeky puppy this week, she usually sits nicely whilst I apply my makeup & silly me put one of my makeup brushes down on the bed, she snuck off with it & I have been left with a very chewed brush!! I forgave her almost instantly when she looked up at me with her puppy eyes though, such a monkey! She was also treated to a pink hoody this week as she has outgrown her coat & I haven't managed to track down a reasonably priced one for her yet, but she shivers on walks when she doesn't have a warm jumper or coat on so I found her a hoody on eBay.  Let me know if you have any doggy clothes shop recommendations please! She's currently snuggled up under the duvet with me, I love my little squishy so so much!!
L x

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  1. awww i love her in pink! what a cutie!! :)

  2. you look gorgeous, and I adore your puppy! I'm a sucker for pugs ;)