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twenty two

A little Birthday tea with Dom & my Mum's homemade coffee cake, mmm..  (p.s sorry for the bad quality of this photo!)

Last Friday I turned 22, which sounds really weird to me because when I was younger I used to think anyone in their twenties was really old & a "proper adult" & whilst I am an "adult" in the eyes of the law I certainly don't feel like I'm a proper adult & thought I'd have achieved way more by now, but nevermind! 

Anyway I wanted to share some of my birthday photos as I had the nicest few days. I was spoilt rotten by Dom who took me for a meal at Jamie Oliver's Italian (order the funky chips - so so yummy!), followed by a trip to London a couple of days later for an afternoon treat at Laduree - the rose petal macarons are my faveee!

I didn't ask for much gift wise this year but I got lots of lovely bits & pieces, mostly home related things - yankee candles, pretty bathroom towels, cupcake themed items for my kitchen, cushions for the sofa & bed etcc. I haven't photographed all the bathroom/kitchen stuff, I'm thinking of doing a little flat tour if anyone would like to see that? I also asked for a couple of cook books as I want to try experimenting more when I cook meals for Dom & I but always struggle for ideas & inspiration! Super happy I got the Marc Jacobs Honey gift set, it will sit nicely next to my bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy! The Cath Kidston baking set is the cutest, I can't wait to do some baking now, although I'm not sure I want to get the apron mucky because it's so pretty! 

L x


  1. Happy Belated birthday! All that food in the top few pictures looks so scrummy and lovely! x

  2. oooh it looks like you had such a lovely birthday!! happy 22nd!! :) i'm 21 at the moment... pretty excited to be singing taylor swift next year - i hope you have been! haha

  3. Oh hello macaroons! Happy birthday :)
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  4. Aww, happy belated birthday! The Yankee Candles are so gorgeous, I have a big Snowflake Cookie I'm in love with.

    Love the macaroons too, I miss them so much being vegan now!
    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  5. Looks like you got some lovely goodies. Also MACAROONS <3 x

  6. Christmas Cookie is the best smelling candle by Yankee! :)
    I hope you had a great birthday - On the plus side you can now sing Taylor Swift - 22 for the next 358 days :P
    Elephant stories and more

  7. Oooh you look like you got spoilt!! :) Love the Cath Kitson set! xx

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm 22 in a week and I don't feel grown up at all at all! I think 30 is the new 20 ;) We don't have to grow up just yet xx
    Sarah xo
    Beauty With Brushes

  9. I love all of them but especially the Yankee Candles and ...the macarons! Happy birthday! :-)

  10. You got some lovely gifts and they were all so pretty! Happy belated Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday :D You had some awesome gifts

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  12. Hope you had a great birthday. You got some lovely bits :)

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  13. Happy belated birthday. I'm the same. I used to think that 21 is like "well old". Now I'm 22 and I feel like I'm still 18.

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  14. WOW happy belated birthday, you are a very lucky girl as those presents are so gorgeous and colourful love them :)