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gingham jeans

Black Fluffy Cardigan - Primark
Black Cami Vest - Topshop
Cut Out Boots - New Look
Outfit posts are actually one of my favourite kinda posts to share on my blog but because I don't really have a decent camera/tripod/etc I find it quite a chore to snap photos of what I'm wearing! Dom often helps out but I'm trying to be more productive during the weekdays on my days off & whilst he's at work I obviously can't ask him to take any photographs. Today I tried & pretty much failed, all you fashion bloggers make it look so easy! I'm sharing the best of a very, very bad bunch & they still really aren't great but lets hope this is a one off & next time will be a little better... they say practice makes perfect anyway! I used to share the occasional outfit in the past & always had a good response to them so I do really want to keep trying rather than give up completely, any useful tips will be much appreciated! Also... how on earth do you fashion bloggers photograph black outfits/clothing so well!? Please let me know! Anyways, Tilly wanted to say a little hello & joined in on the photos - maybe I should just post pug outfit photos rather than my own outfits haha, she does have quite a big wardrobe for a little doggy!
L x

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  1. I love the jeans. They go so well with the top. I always really like your outfit photos!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Love those jeans, shame Topshop jeans never fit me, they are way too long and they never have the good ones in petite :-(
    Don't worry about the photos, it's a right pain without the equipment, which is why I've been giving outfit posts the swerve for the past few months - can't wait to get a tripod as it'll make things a zillion times easier - I think you've done a pretty good job considering your lack of equipment!
    Mel xx

  3. oooh i love this! i've become weirdly obsessed with printed trousers - i need to get myself a pair!

  4. I've seen those trousers a few times now, but never actually on someone! And seeing them on you has just made me love them even more, they look great on you! x

  5. Loveee your jeans, they looks so nice paired with these boots :) followed your blog :)
    Tiana x

  6. omg those jeans are gorgeous! i want a pair now haha xxx

  7. Love those jeans but I am loving your dog even more x

  8. That gingham jeans is beautiful. Xx

  9. I love your cami!! And your cute little pug! <3 I think the photos are quite good actually! :) Eva x

  10. i love the jeans and shoes but the dogs the most loved accesory matching there x

  11. Love those trousers!