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pastel polka dot nail art

I'm a big fan of nail art but hardly have the time to paint my nails these days, so attempting to paint a design onto my nails is a very rare occurrence! I often look for simple & quick ways to make my nails look pretty without having to spend ages on them & I hadn't tried out polka dot nails yet! I chose pastel blue, lilac & pink with white dots as I prefer lighter coloured nail polish atm. Obviously you can try this with any colour combination I just chose these 3 to show my favourite colours! Having nice nails is a lovely finishing touch to an outfit or even the perfect accessory as you can match your nails to your outfit or even use your nails to add a pop of colour to your look! 

To create these polka dot nails I used a dotting tool that I picked up from eBay for 99p, but you can just use the brush of the polish your using or even a bobby pin! The colours I used are: Models Own Snow White, Blueberry Muffin, Lilac Sheen & Pink Veneer. I dab a little blob of polish onto a piece of card & dip the little tool into it & then dot wherever I feel like it! It's super easy to do & looks really cute, I'll probably be seen wearing polka dot nails for the next few months now! I tend to get stuck in a rut with my nails & will do the same design or colour for ages once I find something I really like, does anyone else do that!?
L x

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  1. These are so cute, they remind me of Easter with the pastel colours. It also looks pretty easy to do, great post!


  2. These are actually really cute! Great post!
    Elephant stories and more

  3. These are so pretty, and I adore the colours too! x

  4. The colours are all so pretty together!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  5. I am a massive fan of adding polka dots to nails just to spice them up a bit. It's just so simple and makes a big difference. I love the colours you used, gorgeous Spring shades!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  6. So pretty! I love these colours, makes me excited for Spring! X

  7. Love these! Especially the Blueberry Muffin one. I haven't done a polka dot nail in ages, may have to revisit! x

  8. Loving the blue polka dot one! x